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Lee Still Involved In Sign-And-Trade Talks

Sep 15, 2009 9:30 PM EST
The agent for David Lee indicated Tuesday that his client is still the subject of sign-and-trade discussions between the Knicks and at least one other team.

"Nothing is done yet, but we're talking," Mark Bartelstein said about a new contract with the Knicks. "There are still some sign-and-trade scenarios that are being discussed or going back to the Knicks."

If Lee eventually does return to the Knicks, it would be on a one-year contract exceeding Lee's $2.7 million qualifying offer.

thetruth-lee mind as well sign the one year contract. and then try again next year.

the pacers are close to inking luther head.
thetruth- i wonder how head will fit on the team behind that logjam at both guard posistions.

carlos arryo is still in negotiatians with the clippers and hawks
thetruth-i think he would be a better fit on a team like the knicks.

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