breaston on the trading block

im willingy to do a cheap deal. make a offer

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Despite rumblings that there

Despite rumblings that there is optimism on both sides that a deal will get done before the October 31st deadline, an extension is no sure thing. There’s no telling what kind of payday Gibson could get in restricted free agency this summer, and there’s a chance taking an extension now wouldn’t be the most financially lucrative decision for him.

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"Just some of the things I

"Just some of the things I wanted to do – or play my game, which is more aggressive and more physical -- I couldn't do it because I was limited strength-wise," Horford said. "And that was something I've been trying to deal with all summer is to try and get my strength back. I'm not 100 percent as far as my strength but I'm feeling pretty good right now."

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Head coach Erik Spoelstra

Head coach Erik Spoelstra didn’t say where James is exactly feeling sore from, but he says the injury isn’t anywhere near serious. The Heat have been planning to rest James from a couple of the preseason games this month, anyways.

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