Why is this sight down on Chris Wright from Dayton and Tasmin Mitchell from LSU

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Why is this sight down on Chris Wright from Dayton and Tasmin Mitchell from LSU

I think they both will be good nba small forwrds, especially tasmin with his inside skills, i know he has to improve his ball handling and shooting but he knows that also and he said he's working on it and he also shot 50 percent from 3 last year, I think he could be a ron artest type player, that's also who he says he wants to be like on the court minus the headaches

and chris wright is super athletic, a good defender, I think he has more of a range and upside than trevor ariza.

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agreed on wright

From the games i've seen him in, he is an athletic freak with real good size for a SF. I think he'll be a mid-late first round pick whenever he declares.

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Yea. I think Wright is an

Yea. I think Wright is an athletic freak, with lottery potential he just has to work on his entire perimeter game on offense, and get out of those bad habits he has playing against sub-par competition on D ( he reaches alot for steals and lags off his man too much in helpside a few highlights against Kansas from the tourny). He is an intersting player though.

Tasmin Mitchell is a player that can score all over the court, but he doesnt have a true position (too short for the PF, lacks the quickness to play the SF and he isnt going to defend alot. He used to be a beast, but his ACL injury has zapped his athleticism . He is a little more skilled now, and I do think should be a draft pick, at least early 2nd round.

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