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On draft express ( they have got malcolm lee number 11
can someone please explain how a gaurd who averages less than 3 points a game in 11 minutes is a projected lottery pick?
you could argue potential, but With those numbers, he would at least be drafted late 1st round

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He is an explosive player, I

He is an explosive player, I agree. I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt because there was no way he was going to play over Collison, Shipp or Holiday (even though I dont like him at all, he was much more ready for college than Lee was). He's an interesting player and he has the physical ability to be a top flight NBA player, but he's all potential. He should have a decent year this year...I think he'll be on the NBA map after this year..

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Lee should be the bruins

Lee should be the bruins best player next year. The Bruins had the number one recruiting class last year with 5 top 50 recruits, and none of them did well. Holiday was the only one who played significant minutes, and even he underperformed. UCLA runs a defensive minded half court offense, that can make the transition a little difficult for gaurds.

But now that only one starter returns, the team is going to have to turn to their young guys. And Malcolm Lee should be the first or second option maybe behind Dragovic. Lee has good size, athleticism, a nice stroke, can defend as well as anyone on the squad and has no real weaknesses. Remember that Russell westbrook only averaged like 2 points and 7 minutes his freshmen year, and after year 2 he was a top 4 pick. Lee should have a very solid year next year.

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Not only that

He is a 6'5 190lb combo guard who is a good passer(which means he could just switch to PG) but I think he will be a lottery pick in 2011.

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