Who will be this years most exciting team?

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Who will be this years most exciting team?

Not necessarily the winningest teams, just the fastest, most up and down fun teams to watch
3.LA Clips

Honorable mention would be Thunder and wizards

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i like toronto and i think they will do great this year. they almost have the set up for a run n' gun team who sprints up the court and do all these fancy passes and alley oops. Bargnani is probably the most mobile and best long range shooting center in the league, and will thrive in that type of offense. Bosh has pretty much the same talents as bargnani, he is just a more polished inside game and is more fluid and athletic and will also do great. Hedo will also be good as a power forward who can start and finish in transition. When Derozan is on the court, they better be a transition offense because he was touted the most athletic draftee last year and will do amazing. The only position that doesnt fit for the run n gun game is their point guard, who is also one of their best players.. I think he is just to careful with the ball, doesnt try many alley oops(ask shawn marion), and he likes to walk it up the court into the half court. he is a great pg and offensive leader but i dont no if he fits with the run n gun style....

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I'm excited to see a lot of

I'm excited to see a lot of teams.

Lakers with Artest and a healthy Bynum have a chance to be one of all time great teams.
wizards with all the talent they have and return of Arenas
Boston and Orlando just because they are stacked
How will Shaq work in Cleavland

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I like the wizards a lot they have talent at every postion and their backups are good I think that they are gona score a lot of points and be fun to watch hopefully arenas can stay healthy.

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the Thunder their young and

the Thunder their young and talented and will be exiting to watch.

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Thunder,Grizzlies, n Warriors

Thunder Grizzlies and Warriors. Kings and Bucks might surprise also ppl r forgetting bucks were good before Bogut and Redd went out and now they have Jennings running point hes going to amaze the league.

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