Best NBA body type

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Best NBA body type

Which NBA body type do you think is the best to compete, succeed, and dominate on the NBA level. Note: This only about the body type and not about the players skills and overal basketball ability. for example you could argue tht dwight Howard has the better NBA body than Kobe but Kobe is the better player. And each player below represents are catergory of players, like Allen Iverson represents players like Chris Paul

Allen Iverson- Smalll, Lightening quick, crazyspeed point gaurd

Michael Jordan- The prototypical shooting gaurd, speed, hops, strength all in a equal combination

Lebron James- Big bulky forward with great athleticism and strength

Kevin Garnett- Tall long wiry player with solid speed n strength and great hops

Shaq- Huge, physically domination player with superior strength to others and good hops

This is all up to personal opinion

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Big men

Ya I certainly agree with you on the big men. However I think the PF would need to be more bulky(still as fast though) and the C to be less fat and more mobile (more like Shaq in his rookie year)

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Lebron James...he has the

Lebron James...he has the perfect build.

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NBA Body Type Can Be More

NBA Body Type Can Be More Deceiving Then Potential........Alot of NBA players have those body type credentials and 70 % of them are flops. Attributes can truly be the only way to measure a players Imminent Success

But i do believe GM's Fall in love with size rather then untapped Potential in a yea Bigman Win this

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PG Derrick Rose or Russel

PG Derrick Rose or Russel Westbrook
SG Dwayne Wade
SF Lebron James
PF Amare Stoudemire
C Dwight Howard

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By far the best body type, is Lebron. He is stronger than most forwards, faster than alot of players, quicker than alot, and really athletic. Tall, built like a bull, and he had a 44 inch vertical went he went into the draft.

Can anyone stop a man who weighs 250 pounds of pure muslce, that is quicker than they are, faster than they are, and can jump higher?

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future can answer this when

future can answer this when he gets on better than anyone

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NBA Body

PG-Chauncey Billups/D.Will

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PG-Chauncey Billups/D.Will

well said man chauncy and dwill are both masters at the back to the basket game for being point gaurds

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I think

PG-Derrick Rose has a build of a prototype point guard of the future... At 6'3 190lbs, he is much stronger than he looks plus his speed is unbelievable... He is a mix of Deron Williams' strength and Chris Paul's speed...

SG- Michael Jordan/Kobe Bryant-both have same builds and I would not be surprised by that... These 2 have the best NBA build in history and terms of the shooting guards...

SF- LeBron James is a physical specimen and a natural beast... Those who are trying to stop him when he's on the break is putting his life at risk... With just 5% body fat, LeBron has the specimen that name him the best built SF in the league.

PF- Kevin Garnett's long arms and (almost?) 7-foot height makes him a dangerous player on the floor... When you see him on TV, he looks thin but the players on the floor don't agree because he is as big as any big man there is...Plus the long arms make him a bigger threat.

C- Dwight Howard was suppose to play PF but when Brian Hill put him in the C spot, he just fit in so well. His built is sick to the core and has the strength to intimidate the opposing C's... David Robinson, um... duh... He served the Navy right? He has to have that kind of built... Defnitely...

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