Best comebacks in NBA, NCAA history?

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Best comebacks in NBA, NCAA history?

My favorite is Maverics - Houston 1995, it was just a great series of comebacks

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Lakers v. Kings...when Horry

Lakers v. Kings...when Horry made that shot. That was a great comeback, even though I dont really like the Lakers..

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I'm not going to say the Rockets come back against the Spurs, im going to say T-Mac's comeback against the Spurs. 13 points in 35 seconds. I mean just amazing. To literally take a sure win away for a team in those circumstances with that amount of time left. You can take anybody who is in the NBA now, and anybody that was, and put them in that situation, and i guarantee you that the couldn't pull that off. Not even Jordan. TMac cant do it again even if he tried for the rest of his life.

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You're right, that was crazy and it doesn't get the recognition it deserves. 13 in 35 is crazy.

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not a comeback but my

not a comeback but my favorite game all time is Syracuse vs Conneticut.

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Duke coming back from being

Duke coming back from being down 10 with a minute to go and eventually win in overtime

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2006 Finals

Dallas loses to Miami.....hahahahaha

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Lakers Vs Suns in the

Lakers Vs Suns in the playoffs.......Lakers really didn't have a team besides Kobe Bryant and he came through with a steal and a game-tying lay up at the buzzer to force OT.Then a buzzer beater in OT to win it that was pretty good

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Sorry Knicks fans

Reggie Miller in the Garden scoring 8 points in 9 seconds and talking mad trash to Spike Lee in the 1995 Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. That was pretty amazing

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Got to go

with that Houston McGrady game

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2008 national championship game KU vs. Memphis down 9 wit 2:12 left memphis misses those key free throws and chalmers hit the dagger to force overtime and eventually the win

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i hate to mention this but

i hate to mention this but when my maryland terps threw away the game in the final four against duke for the second time that year i think. the first time was during the season in which jason williams scored about 13 points in one minute after duke being down 10 in that last min

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In 2003 the Lakers were down

In 2003 the Lakers were down to the Dallas Mavericks by 30 points with 10 minutes remaining. They came back and won. I wonder if that has ever been done before.

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The 2001 All Star game when

The 2001 All Star game when the East came back to win when Iverson won MVP, Hime and Marbury made sure they pulled that off. It's a shame to see what these Tremendous players are suffering today. A.I., one of the best scorers ever and no one wants him, and Marbury just ruining his career.

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Game 4 of the 2008 NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers... That was a helluva comeback... 24 points down and then suddenly chip by chip the C's were able to cut down the lead and won the game through sheer will and desire... How can the Lakers put Vujacic on a one on one contest with Ray Allen in the last play? In case they forgot, Ray Ray is a scorer and has one of the best offensive skills in the game... TSk...

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