deandre liggins-kentucky

does anyone think he can be a really good player?i mean of course he has to be a backup to john wall at the 1 and he will get sometime at the 2 and on the court with john wall.

do you see him as a good nba prospect as a 6'6" point guard or just a good player who will spend most of his time in europe or somewhere.

i think after like 2 or 3 years with calipari he can be a good player and a future first round pick.

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He needs to prove he can

He needs to prove he can score and be a playmaker (if he wants to be a PG), I personally think he should switch to the 2 with Wall at the 1 and Bledsoe being groomed as PG of the future. He seems like a very limited offensive player but potential lockdown defender. Long shot NBA guy...

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i'm just saying you can't

i'm just saying you can't teach size, and he is a willing learning.

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