East VS. West?

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East VS. West?

Which is the better conference in terms of established (veterans) talent in the NBA and young talent (rookies & sophomores etc)?

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The West has the

The West has the advantage

They have the better core playoff teams, in the west, winning 47 is out of the playoffs, but in the east, thats good for a 4th seed

And on the other hand, the west also has the better young talent..because of the top tier teams being so dominant, the bottom tier teams in the west usually end up with higher lottery picks...which tends to produce better talent..

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the west their loaded Spurs

the west their loaded Spurs and Lakers are loaded veteran teams.
i agrewith the west on both sides too.

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the east has lebron, wade, howard, chris bosh, and many other starts... there is just better teams in the west

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I would say teams the West

I would say teams the West very close but in terms of overall talent definitely the East....In terms of good young players very close but i would say the West if you put the top 5 potential it may be something like this

1. Kevin Durant
2. Brandon Roy
3. Rudy Gay
4. O.J. Mayo
5. Blake Griffin

1. Derrick Rose
2. Danny Granger
3. Michael Beasley
4. Devin Harris
5. Rajon Rondo

Actually its not close at all West has much better younger talent, i struggled to find 5 top young players in the East but could have easily done another 5 in West(Oden,Gordon, Aldridge,Westbrook,Evans)

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It's kinda funny how you list the "young talent" in the league but leave out Lebron James, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and Al Jefferson who are all younger than Roy, Harris and Granger whom you include.

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Spurs. I respect Denver, and Portland but title contenders no. East: Boston, Cavs, Magic,Bulls. I like the East.

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west is still better because

west is still better because every year there are 50 win caliber teams that are battling just to make playoffs. But it is getting closer. The top 3 in the east have a legitimate chance at winning the title

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