Don't Try This at Home: Weirdest Shooting Forms

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Don't Try This at Home: Weirdest Shooting Forms

Unorthodox. Unconventional. Unnatural. Weird. Freaky. Crazy. Absurd. These are just some of the words that describe some of the players' ummmm...unique? shooting form... Nevertheless, no one can complain especially when you watch them swish the net...

Weird Now:

Shawn Marion- A term that frequently describes Shawn Marion's game is freaky. He has a freaky quick first step, freaky high hops, and throws down some freaky dunks. His jumper? also freaky. His elbow sticks out, his release point is too lo, he doesn't exactly follow-through and the shot's arc is ridiculously high. The whole thing is odd... but it works..

Marcus Camby- Camby must've learned to shoot at Jamaal Wilkes Shooting Camp: he brings it way back behind his noggin just like Silk did. It looks ungainly like a soccer player throwing the ball from out-of-bounds but like the other members of the weird shooting crew, he somehow knocks 'em in. Consistently, Camby has been among the league leaders in FG percentage the past few seasons and seems to have more confidence in his slingshot every year.

Tayshaun Prince- Where to begin? Let's start with his guide hand. He's got long fingers, so it's expected that he might hold the ball strangely, but that doesn't explain the cocked wrist. His left arm sticks out like a right triangle and the motion of his shot is more like that of a javelin thrower. But you know what? Tay is a good shooter. In fact, he should shoot often after averaging .473 from the field and .353 from three in his career.

Kevin Martin- Kevin Martin's shot has two stages: Stage 1: He starts his shooting motion by leaning towards his left, and bringing the ball up from his right hip like a Wild West gunslinger. As he rises to shoot, he brings the ball across his body from right to left. Stage 2: More conventional with a feathery follow-through. Martin has had some shooting spree that made him one of the league's uprising stars...

Weird Then:

Michael Adams- Simply put, Michael Adams had one of the craziest shots the NBA has seen. A typical Adams shot went like this: dribble at breakneck speed to the three-point line, stop on a dime, bounce up and fling the ball in the air with a herky-jerky, one-handed, shot-put throw...Splash! Despite his crazy shot, he managed to average a career 14.7 ppg over 11 seasons and has led the NBA with three-point field goals made in 87-88, 90-91 seasons.

Vinnie Johnson- with a muscular build and a shooting form that would make any coach cringe, 6-3 Vinnie Johnson wasn't a conventional player. With the ball cocked behind his head, elbow splayed outward and his feet kicking wildly, it certainly was NOT pretty to look at but Johnson's midrange game has found it well enough for 12.6 ppg in 13 seasons. The Microwave could get hot in a hurry as he once scored 19 straight points per game. His finest moment was in the 1990 Finals when he closed out Game 5 with a 16-foot jumper.

Bill Cartwright- The last word one would choose to describe Bill Cartwright's shot would be smooth. With a herky-jerky, stiff-armed motion, the 7'1 Cartwright would swing the ball using only his wrist. Bizarre! But it worked... One of the weirdest and funniest forms ever!

Jamaal Wilkes- See Marcus Camby, though he is the pioneer of that sling shot...

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I agree.

Bo Outlaw, his free throw made children cry.

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Great topic. Watch for Cole

Great topic.

Watch for Cole Aldrich in coming years. He shoots it with ball directly behind his head---down at neck level from what I have seen.

Gerald Wallace has a little bit of Cartwright in his outside shot. It's annoying, because one wonders what could have been if he had started out with sound shooting form years ago.

Joakim Noah's foul shooting.

Peja Stojakovich's outside shot-- It's effective, but odd. The guy keeps the ball in his hand a long time throughout the forward shooting motion.

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Cole for sure

Yeah, DeLaQuest, Cole Aldrich has such a weird shot he drew so many lane violations last year. He almost hesitates and it isn't really that fluid at all, but somehow he is a very good shooting big man, I think he finished the season at 75 or something % from FT, but through like the first part of the season he was over 80.

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Oh yeah, Anthony Mason's

Oh yeah, Anthony Mason's free throw form not only didn't make much sense, but it was worse than his shaved patterned hair do's.

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Chuck Hayes free throw is hilarious it like he has a twitch evertime he shoots a free throw.

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Yeah, looks like his

Yeah, looks like his tourettes kick in every time he shoots a free throw...

Shawn Marions shot is hilarious to me...i dont understand were that could come from..
Growing up as a kid, how do you practice something like that?

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Ronnie Brewer?

Ronnie Brewer?

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ronnie brewer's

shot is weird cause he had a bad accident and hurt his arm as a kid. he isnt able to do it normal

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Kenyon Martin has an ugly

Kenyon Martin has an ugly jumper so does Jason Kidd, it's like a flick and its a very low release

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Anthony Mason easily. and no

Anthony Mason easily. and no love for Ben Wallace?

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tyreke evans

tyreke evans

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Tyreke Evans does have a

Tyreke Evans does have a funky release, and so does fellow rookie Jeff Teague..Teague shoots with the ball almost in front of his face when he spots up (his shot is normal and fluid when he shoots off the dribble), and Evans cocks the ball behind his head.

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