Who will have a better Year??

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Who will have a better Year??

Who will have a better year when you take into consideration Stats and contribution to team success?

Vince Carter or Hedo Turkoglu? MY PICK CARTER
He has never played with a dominant big man and will benefit from the attention Howard draws.
Turkoglu benefited greatly from mismatches created by being on the floor at the same time with the 6'10" Lewis. I dont think he will handle the ball as much this year with Calderon at the point.

Emeka Okafor or Tyson Chandler? MY PICK OKAFOR
Okafor is the more durable player and should get all the easy baskets from Paul that Chandler used to get. Chandler has not developed any one-one offensive game.

Derek Rose or Rajon Rondo? MY PICK ROSE
These two went head to head in a playoff battle last year. Rondo will have another great year but Rose is not the first option in Chicago with Gordon gone. With his rookie year behind him Rose should be able to cut down on the turnovers.

Blake Griffin or Michael Beasley? My GRIFFIN
Clippers cleared out Randolph to make room for Griffin. If Beasley plays well and gets into starting rotation there will be a lot of shots for him as Wade right now is option 1 2 and 3. Griffin might struggle to get shots with Gordon, Davis, Kaman, and Thornton.

Louis Williams or Ramon Sessions? MY PICK WILLIAMS
This is a toss up as we dont know how many minutes Sessions will get at PG with Flynn being there. Williams will be the starter from day one. Plus more talent around Williams than Sessions with Brand coming back.

Chris Bosh or Amare Stoudemire? MY PICK BOSH
Both players are 2010 free agents. Amare coming back from injury and no longer has Shaq to play next too. Bosh has been surronded by talent this offseason and has put Toronto in position to have improvement in wins. Phoenix in semi rebuilding mode.

More wins Memphis or LAC? MY PICK LAC
I dont like the Iverson signing for Memphis though it could lead to a few more wins this year and put people in the stands. More vets of LAC should lead to more wins than memphis.

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Vince Carter or Hedo

Vince Carter or Hedo Turkoglu? Im going to go with Vince Carter. He'll get points, but it wont be the 21 ppg get usually gets. Probably more like 18, but he will get 5 boards and 5 assists. I think Turk will get about 14 or 15 ppg and 5 boards and assists.

Emeka Okafor or Tyson Chandler? I'll go with Okafor. Neither one is good at scoring 1 on 1 in the post, but Chris Paul will make Okafor's stats rise by way of his pick and roll play.

Derek Rose or Rajon Rondo? I think Rose will have the better year. He'll definitely score more than Rondo, but I believe his assists numbers will rise

Blake Griffin or Michael Beasley? I'll go with Beasley here. I think he puts up 18 or 19 ppg and 7 or 8 boards. He just has to make at least some strides on D. Griffin's numbers and minutes will be limited due to the Clips frontcourt depth.

Louis Williams or Ramon Sessions? Lou Williams. He is a shortlist candidate for Most Improved, and this offense will mask his "PG skills" and allow him to but up about 15 ppg and 5 assists.

Chris Bosh or Amare Stoudemire? I'll go Bosh. Statline will be close, but Bosh will be in the playoffs (I believe) and Amare wont be.

More wins Memphis or LAC? I'll go Clippers.

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Vince Carter or Hedo

Vince Carter or Hedo Turkoglu? MY PICK for next year is Hedo
There are more opportunities because right now Vince is on a team that sometimes he could be the 4th option. They have more weapons with Lewis, Howard, Nelson and some others. Toronto really only has Bosh and Calderon. Calderon likes to pass. Barginia is good too but he is young and will probably defer to the veterans. Also the Euro connection will get the players playing more lose offensively. This may wind up being one of the East surprise teams. Vince Carter is more a scorer than a shooter so Howard's game and vince's prescence will help Lewis and other get more open 3's but Carter will play an average all around game and numbers will probably go time while Hedo's will got up in Toronto. I think Carter's ability to finish games will be key to Orlando though. Meanwhile Hedo will be a decoy to get Bosh open looks at the end. Also Lewis and Bargini games are not that far apart except Bargini is bigger taller and lil more raw. Calderon is a better point than Nelson. Bosh is a more polished but less stronger player than Howard. Also is not the defensive monster. Orlando has a better bench and costly so Carter's minutes should drop maybe a few min per game while early one Hedo's should stay the same.

Emeka Okafor or Tyson Chandler? MY PICK Easy OKAFOR
Okafor will look like the star he was supposed to be playing with Paul. This team up can be like a Stockton to Malone Combo is Okafor can carry his weight on D and O. Also I hope he polished his 15 footer just in case. i

Derek Rose or Rajon Rondo? MY PICK ROSE
Rose will be better than season. he got to play a lot of games as a rookie and learned how to deal with for 82 games. He has shown that he has made some improvements just this summer and also with a large role to carry, he should be a beast. Rondo will be nice but Marquis Daniels will take like 4 or his mins a game and also take on some point guard roles depending on the time because Daniels length on D with Wallace, Garnett, Pierce, and Allen will be ridiculous.

Blake Griffin or Michael Beasley?My Pick GRIFFIN
Griffin Will get all the shots and chance he wants to so i think he will be better but not by much, people forget that in few minutes that Beasley put up solid minutes and he should have more of a definite role now and more minutes.

Louis Williams or Ramon Sessions? MY PICK Sessions
Regardless of where Sessions plays most of his minutes, there are not a lot of guys on this team that deserves to play ahead of him. He should get 35 plus minutes a game at both guard positions and average around 8 assists. Williams could put up slightly better numbers but will not be a better point than Sessions but I do know that given minutes Williams should score.

Chris Bosh or Amare Stoudemire? My Pick Amare
This will be close but Amare is going to prove that he is a max player even though I doubt even then he will get the match. Suns got younger so they will probably rely on Amare more. Also Frye does not like to get too close to the basket so that is all Amare right there. Bosh will have a super year and his stats may got down as his team plays better and he plays more team ball.

More wins Memphis or LAC? MY PICK Memphis
A pissed Iverson is not to be second guessed and also Clippers' coach sucks. Memphis coach seems to improve his players while Clippers coach seems to minimize his talents. I do hope Clippers prove me wrong though

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Vince Carter or Hedo

Vince Carter or Hedo Turkoglu? In terms of stats, it will be Turk, because he will be the best Raptor at creating his own shot, and will get the ball the most in clutch situations, while Carter is probably the 2nd or 3rd option in Orlando. As far as team wise, Orlando is my pick to win the title so in that retrospect Vince Carter will have had the better season.

Emeka Okafor or Tyson Chandler? Okafor is playing with a far superior point guard in Chris Paul so he is my pick. Tyson Chandler has no offensive game but averaged 10+ points being set up by Paul the entire season. Okafor is not a great scorer, but his offensive game is more polished than Chandler's.

Derrick Rose or Rajon Rondo? Rose. This guy is a budding superstar first of all, and with Ben Gordon gone, the Bulls will look to him to do more. Rondo might be distracted with all that has gone on this off season surrounding him.

Blake Griffin or Michael Beasley. Tough one but I'm going with Griffin. Mike may be a little distracted as well with his tough off season, not to mention he plays with a superstar who demands the ball. Griffin is going into a situation where he will get a lot of shots right away.

Louis Williams or Ramon Sessions. I like Sessions. I think he is one of the more underrated players in the NBA. If the Sixers are planning on making Williams their full time point guard (which he is not) he and the rest of the team may be in for a long year.

Chris Bosh or Amar'e Stoudemire? Not being a homer but I'm picking Bosh. Both guys are in contract years, and Stoudemire is trying to prove he belongs in same conversation as the big 3 free agents. But Stoudemire is coming back from injury, trade rumors are swirling and Bosh is just better. Bosh has also added 7 or 8 pounds of muscle to his frame over the off season.

Memphis or LA Clippers. I agree with the above post that the Clippers bad coaching might do them in. However, their team is much more talented than Memphis, therefore I'm picking them to win more games.

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