How to make the NBA playoffs better.

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How to make the NBA playoffs better.

Current problem:

A 7-game series can really drag on. Everybody knew it was simply a matter of time before the Lakers defeated the Magic last year. Die hards will still watch. But in order to keep/attract casual fans, there needs to be more nightly drama and "matchup variety" in the playoffs.


A new playoff format in which every series is a merely a Best of 3 (A team has to wins 2 games to advance). That means EVERY game is super crucial. That means a team is never out of a series until the 4th quarter/End of their elimination game.

But wait!! You mean to tell me that the Lakers work all year to get home court advantage, only to get snuffed out by an 8-seed that happens to be hot for 2 straight games?? That's not just! That makes the regular season a joke!

I understand. That brings me to Solution 1, part 2:

Give the playoffs a double-elimination format. Scenario: The First Seed loses 2-1 to the Eighth Seed in the opening series. They are still alive. They just have to win every Best-of-3 series the rest of the way to win the title.

Don't like the double elimination format?....

Solution 2:

Allow a few more teams in the playoffs and have only Best of 5 series.

The point is, many Best of 7 series drag on too long with the eventual outcome never in question. Having shorter series will liven it up and give the underdogs a little more of a chance. It will make the outcome of each individual game a little more important. It will give us more matchups to look at.


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it would be nice to shorten

it would be nice to shorten the playoffs but five game series dont truely determine the better team, winning 3 out of 5 doesnt truely mean you are a better basketball team and little things like blown calls would create too big of an impact on five game sets.
how about setting up two pools in the conferences and having them play each other two or three times each and then set up the final two teams from both conferences. instead of each team taking potentially 14 games to get to the conference finals it would take them 9 or 12 each.

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I like it the way it is. 7

I like it the way it is. 7 games are better then 3 or 5. I enjoy basketball, so the playoffs dragging on is not that big a deal to me I guess. It just sucks when your team gets eliminated.

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