Micheal Jordan: A; retrospect of a Legend

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Micheal Jordan: A; retrospect of a Legend

From 55 to the tongue, the buzzer beater at Cleveland to the 63 vs Boston, from the free throw line to the rim on random foolish defenders.

Micheal Jordan will be in the HOF as of 6:00.

This man has done everything any guards wants to do. Play from day 1, make it to numerous all star games, nba finals and so on and so forth. He has the world on a string and made everyone at one point " wanna be like mike". He made players careers end without titles. Even when he came back for Washington, he still had some old MJ in him.

My Favorite Memory: The Flu game.

Throw in yours....

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my favorite memory was the

my favorite memory was the 55 on his first game back at MSG.. showin the league not a damn thing changed!!

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