Evan Turner Interview

Thu, 09/10/2009 - 12:47pm
Evan TurnerEvan TurnerQ: How was your experience playing in the World University Games, representing your country?

A: The WUG was a great experience. I was able to travel over to Serbia and see a different part of the world and be able to compete against talented basketball players from around the world. Representing the USA was an amazing opportunity, as well and hopefully I get the opportunity to represent our country again.

Q: How would you compare playing in the NCAA tournament to playing in the World University games?

A: Playing in the NCAA is different from playing overseas due to the different rules and how the game is played. The NCAA shot clock is 11 seconds longer and you have longer chances to score and run a set offense. That kind of plays a big part in the experience. The WUGs were cool but there is nothing like the NCAA tourney. The atmosphere of college basketball is amazing and its something great to be part of.

Q: How was the environment when you guys played Serbia?

A: Serbia was really different. The people were really crazy about basketball there. They really supported their team and they sold out every gym that their team played at. Their support for their team really helped them out a lot.

Q: Could you tell the difference in the style of basketball they play overseas, as opposed to how they play in the states?

A: I think that the play overseas was different due to the fact that the players that we played against used a lot of tricks. They had peculiar ways of playing the game such as getting fouls drawn for themselves, legal goaltending, and trick shots, as well.

Q: What was your biggest reason for not leaving Ohio State, Most people have said you would have gone first round this past year?

A: I didn’t leave Ohio State because I really liked college. I have had a great time here and matured a lot since I’ve been in college. I think my game has gotten better and my teammates have improved, as well. I think that we can win the Big 10 championship this season and make a strong run at a final four. Winning is really important to me and I don’t want to leave college until we win big.

Q: What goals have you set for yourself for the upcoming season?

A: I haven’t really set any individual goals. I am just really focused on becoming a better player and leading my team winning a big 10 championship and going to a Final Four.

Q: Do you feel the Big Ten gets the type of respect it deserves?

A: I don’t the Big-10 gets enough respect. A lot of people down play our conference because we don’t average 80 ppg like some conferences. The Big-10 prides itself in physicality and playing defense. And we really do compete here. I think the teams in the conference will make a lot of noise this year.

Q: After coming back from Serbia, what type of training are you doing? I mean you haven’t really had much time off from playing basketball. Correct?

A: I have just been lifting weights and putting up a lot of shots and dribbling as well. I am just trying to tighten up my game and be prepared for all situations this upcoming season.

Q: Rumor has it, that you study former NBA player's tapes, which players do you study and why?

A: I watch a lot of film on old school players due to the fact that I am honestly just a fan of the game. I think some old school players played the game a respectable. I watch film on Penny Hardaway, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan.

Q: What player in the NBA would you compare your game to right now?

A: I don’t really think I can make a player comparison right now to any NBA player. But I am a really big Brandon Roy fan. I think that I would like to compare myself to him because he is a great player, great leader, and he is clutch. He always hits big shots and he never shies away from the big moments. Great player.
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I hope he can play like and

I hope he can play like and enter the draft this coming year. A lot of team seem to need a starting two with a lot of wing players getting old.

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I like Evan as a 2 guard, he's a good kid with a head on his shoulder, he knows how to produce without always having the ball in his hands and has as main weapon a deadly midrange shot, hopefully he starts to watch some RIP Hamilton tapes cause that's definitely the closest NBA comparison I can associate him with.

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