TheTruth Questions please answer these,

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TheTruth Questions please answer these,

1.Give me your east and west playoff teams for next year
2.give me your playoff rounds predicts
3.coaches who get fired
5.rookie of the year
6.sixth man of the year
8.most improved
9.who wins the nba title

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that's quite a bit for one

that's quite a bit for one thread, but here is mine:


2-don't know

3-don't know


5-Blake Griffin

6-don't know


8-hibbert, anthony randolph, aaron brooks, these are good candidates


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1.East - Magic, Cavs,

East - Magic, Cavs, Celtics, Wizards, Hawks, Heat, Raptors, Sixers
West - Lakers, Spurs, Blazers, Jazz, Mavs, Hornets, Nuggets, Warriors

2. East Conf Finals - Magic-Cavs (the rivalry continues!)
West Conf Finals - Lakers-Spurs (two most dominant teams of the past 10 years)

East semis- Magic-Heat

West semis - Lakers-Blazers

3. Don't care

4. MVP Dwight Howard (prediction; 22 PPG, 15 RPG, 3 BPG)

5. ROY Blake Griffin (prediction; 18 PPG, 10 RPG)

6. 6th man Lamar Odom (prediction; 13 PPG, 8 RPG, 3.5 APG, 1 SPG, 1.5 BPG)

7. Coach of the Year Jerry Sloan

8. MIP Greg Oden (prediction; 15 PPG, 11 RPG, 2 BPG)

9. Magic in 7 over Lakers

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1. East: Celts, Magic, Cavs,

East: Celts, Magic, Cavs, Hawks, Wizards, Raptors, Heat, Bulls
West: Lakers, Spurs, Nuggets, Blazers, Jazz, Mavs, Hornets, Clippers

2. ehhh, i got Lakers vs Spurs and Magic vs Celts.....with a Lakers/Celts Finals

3. Lawrence Frank (Nets), Jim O'Brian (Pacers) and much more...

4. Dwyane Wade

5. Blake Griffin or Tyreke Evans

6. JR Smith....if they start Dahntay Jones over him..they'd do the same with Afflao

7. Phil Jackson

8. Anthony Randolph

9. Lakers

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1 East- Celtics, Magic,

1 East- Celtics, Magic, Cavs, Wizards,Raptors,Hawks, Pacers, Pistons
West-Lakers,Spurs,Blazers,Mavs, Nuggets, Jazz, Hornets, Sun

2.Lakers vs Celtics...Celtics win in 7 and Rondo....will get his 2nd ring!

3.Frank (New Jersey), O Brien (Indiana), Dunleavy (Clippers), Nelson (Golden State)

4.Chris Paul

5.Brandon Jennings

6.Nick Young

7.Phil Jackson

8.Joe Alexander


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1 and 2. Dont feel like

1 and 2. Dont feel like it....

3. Lawrence Frank, Don Nelson, Mike Dunleavy

4. Lebron James

5. Brandon Jennings

6. Jason Terry

7. Phil Jackson

8. Michael Beasley

9. Lakers

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1. West- 1)Lakers 2)Spurs

1. West- 1)Lakers 2)Spurs 3)Mavs 4)Nuggets 5)Blazers 6)Hornets 7)Clippers 8)Jazz
East- 1)Magic 2)Celtics 3)Cavs 4)Raptors 5)Wizards 6)Hawks 7)Sixers 8)Heat

2. Lakers vs Spurs and Magic vs Celtics

3. Frank(Nets), Nelson (GSW), Dunleavy(LAC) (Clips will have new coach after 10 games then start winning)

4. Kobe Bryant

5. Blake Griffin

6. Jason Terry

7. Phil Jackson

8. Thaddeus Young or JR Smith

9. Lakers

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1. West: 1) LA 2) Spurs 3)

1. West: 1) LA 2) Spurs 3) Denver 4) Portland 5) Memphis 6) Hornets 7) Jazz 8) Mavs
East: 1) Orlando 2) Boston 3) Clevlend 4) Atlanta 5) Miami 6) Sixers 7) Wizards 8) Bulls

2. Sencond round West LA vs Memphis Spurs vs Denver East Orlando vs Miami Celtics vs Cavs
Semi Finals West LA vs Spurs East Orlando vs Magic
Finals LA vs Orlando

3. Lawrence Frank

4. Dwayne Wade

5. Tyreke Evans

6. Manu Ginobli

7. Phil Jackson

8. Anthony Randolph

9. Lakers

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Ya might wanna copy this down

Cause if it's right I'll be soooooo coool, but it won't I'm going for BOLD :)

1.Give me your east and west playoff teams for next year -
East (In no order): Boston, Cleveland, Orlando, Philly, Hawks, Raptors, Wizards, Heat.
West (In no order): Lakers, Spurs, Hornets, Mavs, Nuggets, Blazers, Jazz, Memphis (OMG) Just missing - Warriors, Suns, and Clippers.

2.give me your playoff rounds predicts - Um, I'll just put CF Rounds, ECF - Cavs vs. Celtics. WCF - Lakers - Spurs (Really want to go ahead and put Blazers)

3.coaches who get fired - I think they'll be at the most 2, but most coaches need at least a full season to be judged and all the bad coaches are out and new coaches haven't been around for a year like these teams coaches (OKC, Sac, Washington, Philly)

4.mvp - LeBron (Yes, back to back)

5.rookie of the year - Tyreke Evans (He has no leash)

6.sixth man - Iverson (If not starting) of the year - Jerry Sloan (Can we just give it to him if they finish as Top 4 Seed? He deserves it)

8.most improved - Aaron Brooks or Beasley (Disappointing Rookie Season)

9.who wins the nba title - Cleveland (I hope for LBJ's sake)

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1.Give me your east and west

1.Give me your east and west playoff teams for next year

2.give me your playoff rounds predicts
Cavs over Wiz in 6, Magic over bulls in 5, Celtics over Heat in 7, Raptors over Hawks in 7
Lakers over Clippers in 5, Spurs over Hornets in 6, Blazers over Jazz in 7, Mavs over Nuggets in 7
Cavs over Raptors in 6, Magic over Celtics in 6
Lakers over Mavs in 7, Blazers over Spurs in 6
Magic over Cavs in 7
Blazers over Lakers in 6

3.coaches who get fired Lawrence Frank, Mike Dunleavy

4.mvp Lebron James or Dwyane Wade not sure yet

5.rookie of the year Blake Griffin

6.sixth man Allen Iverson of the year Jay Triano

8.most improved Andrea Bargnani

9.who wins the nba title
Magic over Blazers in 7

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I dont wanna answer the

I dont wanna answer the first 2 cause itll take too long and im at school.

3.coaches who get fired: Lionel Hollins, I dont think this Memphis team will play well, and as always the coach will be the first to go.

4.mvp: LeBron, but my darkhorse is Kevin Durant

5.rookie of the year: Blake Griffin or Johnny Flyn

6.sixth man: Lamar Odom of the year: Scotty Brooks (OKC)

8.most improved: Tough, but if Anthony Randolph gets the minutes then prob him

9.who wins the nba title: Lakers baby

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