Raptors Know They Must Win To Keep Bosh

Raptors Know They Must Win To Keep Bosh

Sep 10, 2009 12:18 PM EST
Chris Bosh has expressed excitement over Toronto's roster moves this offseason, but Bryan Colangelo knows winning is the best way to keep his cornerstone.

Bosh, like fellow members of the 2003 draft class LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, has the option to hit the free agent market next summer.

"I am encouraged by everything Chris has been doing this summer. He has been very engaged with the organization and the city of Toronto and he has put forth tremendous effort to be ready for the start of the season," Colangelo, Toronto's general manager, told RealGM's Andrew Perna on Wednesday.

"CB's enthusiasm regarding our roster changes and optimism for our perceived improvement are encouraging, but everyone realizes we must win to validate anything."

Colangelo made a host of moves this summer.

He acquired Reggie Evans from the 76ers, drafted DeMar DeRozan, signed Andrea Bargnani to an extension, swung a huge sign-and-trade that netted Hedo Turkoglu and sent Shawn Marion to Dallas, signed Jarrett Jack and Rasho Nesterovic and got Marco Belinelli from Golden State.

Recently, Bosh told the Globe and Mail that he is open to at least considering a contract extension, which didn't appear to be the case earlier this summer.

Colangelo added that last summer's trade with Indiana, which was centered around Jermaine O'Neal and T.J. Ford, didn't go exactly as planned, but ultimately gave the Raptors flexibility this offseason.

"I thought at the time the trade was good for both teams and in the end it was clearly the right thing for us," he said in retrospect.

"While our season did not turn out the way anyone had hoped or expected, the subsequent trade of JO to Miami put us in a position to radically change our team this summer."

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I think they win about 50

I think they win about 50 games and he resigns. My question is is he worth the max? I would be really hesitant to give Bosh anything close to 18-20 million per year.

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i wouldnt

i think bosh is one of the most underrated power forwards in the game.

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In my opinion they can

In my opinion they can addfor to TRADE him now and get something while they still can, they can get a vital piece for him, and let Bargnani develop so he can be the star player he can be.

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Trade Prediction

I'm a die hard Raptors fan and I seriously believe that the Raptors will be underachievers next year. That means, if the Raps are not at least 5 games above .500 next year, there's close to zero chance Bosh resigns. I'm sure, Colangelo, being one of the smartest GMs, will realize this. Hence, I think he will deal Bosh to a team with one of the worst records for expiring contracts, a promising young talent, and two top 5 protected picks for the future. This will allow Bargnani to develop further as he will slide to the 4, where he's looked much more comfortable physically and defensively. Also, a move of this nature will allow Toronto to pursue a "near-max" level wing player like Joe Johnson or Manu Ginobili, both of whom will adequately fill the void of a star penetrator at the 2 spot created when Carter ditched. I actually think a move like this will make the Raptors legit contenders in the East as they will have a lineup like the following:

PG: Calderon/ Jack
SG: {Johnson; Ginobili}/ Belinelli, Derozan
SF: Turkoglu/ Wright/ Derozan
PF: Bargnani/ Evans/ Draft pick
C: Draft Pick {Cole Aldrich?/Solomon Alabi?}/ O'Bryant/ Nesterovic

I'd say if One of the SGs develops into a legit starter, this team would be top 4 in the east in 2010-2011, and because all of the key guys are signed for at least 2 more years, a top 3 team in the east in 2011-12 due to Prospects improving and high draft picks.

If the Johnson/ Ginobili signing does go down, I wouldn't put it past Colangelo to sign and trade for a Rebounding/ Defensive Centre and perhaps a prospect/ draft choice {Dalembert/ Bogut/ Chandler/ Biedrins} should DeRozan/ Belinelli prove they can efficiently put up 25 PPG/ 7 RPG and play decent defense as a collective in a year's time.


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i still think bosh is going to leave or get traded even if this time is like winning 50 plus games

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I hope hes traded, i am a

I hope hes traded, i am a huge raps fan, and i think he is so overrated.
We need to win, but dont be surprised if hes traded at the deadline.

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I wouldn't say Bosh is

I wouldn't say Bosh is overrated. His numbers get better each year he is in the league. I mean nobody calls him the best in the NBA and he is a 3 time allstar.

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I think the key is Derozen.

I think the key is Derozen. He was arguably the most talented recruit coming out of high school, and really didn't catch on for USC util the end of the season. But going into the NCAA tourney, I think he was more valuable to that team than OJ Mayo. Anyway, he is that athletic wing they have desperately needed since Carter left. Derozen is in as good of a situation as any rookie. He he is surrounded by proven veterans who can shoot, so he can step in and do what he does best. If he can steadily improve (especially on D) during the season and turn into a double figure guy, I think this team can surprise many and get a 5th or 6th seed in the playoffs.

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He is overrated, he has lots

He is overrated, he has lots of talent, and the ability to be even better, but 75% of the time he shoots a jumper than he misses. His numbers are so high cause he takes so many shots.

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I believe the comment above

I believe the comment above is directed toward Bosh? Ehh... I think he'd be better suited modeling his game after Dirk, get reps with the jumper in to make him unguardable with a deadly jumper and good athleticism. But I think the Raptors as currently constructed would a player of Bosh's short and long term caliber to contend.

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