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you no those trades people always make on the trade machine, that they think will make every team happy and all the salaries match up. the only problem is these trades never happen in the real world, even if they look like they would work perfect for everyone. So this topic is to post all your lil trade inquiries that you think teams should do and make sense (no trading your whole team for lebron),

For example:
New Jersey- Trades Tony Battie, Terrence Williams, Yi Jianlin, Rafer Alston, Sean Williams
Receives Stephen Jackson, Udonis Haslem, Chris Quinn
Line Up:
PG- Harris, Quinn
SG- Lee, Dooling
SF- Jackson, Simmons
PF- Haslem, Najera
C- Lopez, Boone

Golden State- Trades Stephen Jackson, Brandon Wright
Receives Tony Battie, Yi Jianlin, Terrence Williams
Line Up:
PG- Ellis, Watson
SG- Maggette, Curry
SF- Randolph, Azubuike
PF- Yi, Moore
C- Biedrins, Turiaf, Battie

Miami- Trades Udonis Haslem and Chris Quinn
Receives Rafer Alston, Brandon Wright, Sean Williams
Line Up:
PG- Alston, Chalmers
SG- Wade, Richardson
SF- Jones, Wright
PF- Beasley, Williams
C- O'Neal, Anthony

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Miami trades Haslem, Diawara

Miami trades Haslem, Diawara and Chalmers, to portland for Webster, Blake, and Bayless.

helps the blazers because they add a defnsive tough forward in Haslem, and aoint guard who is a upgrade over Blake because of defense.

and the Heat get a good fit in Bayless with him playing shooting guard next to Wade, a solid vetaren in blake, and a good young forward in Webster.

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Maybe it is just me, but a lot of these trades that are proposed tend to not really help all the teams. Specifically the first trade. Why would NJ trade Terrence Williams, who a lot of people would say has the potential to play like a guy like Stephen Jackson? Besides, the trade doesn't help their cause going forward and they lose some good young talent. Oh and that thing called cap space.

I think the trade works great for GS. Yi would probably look a lot better off the bench, especially for a running team and Terrence Williams would be another nice young piece.

I don't see the Miami trade making them much better. Maybe in the long term, but even then I think their goal should probably be to do whatever they can to make that team more appealing to Wade.

Miami really doesn't have much to trade. Their best expiring deal is going to be hard to get rid of because O'Neal makes so much. You can't trade one of the top 5 players in the league unless you get one of the guys better than him. Their best young trade chip is doing rehab right now.

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WAY WAY too many people

WAY WAY too many people involved in the trade

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