Watching the Allen Iverson press conference live

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Watching the Allen Iverson press conference live

Memphis is really excited to have Iverson. I still think this move is mainly about selling tickets, making money, exciting the city, etc... But there's a good buzz at the press conference. They seem really happy to have him there. The feeling is definitely mutual. Iverson said he wants to take a leadership role and end his career with them.

Iverson said he feels like this is his rookie year all over again and that he feels he has a lot to prove to himself. I'm not sure how everything will work out, but it'll be interesting to watch.

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I missed it. Did he address

I missed it. Did he address whether or not he will be coming off the bench?

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I had school. How'd it go? Any, "Even Practice?" Questions.

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I liked the press

I liked the press conference, Memphis is very excited to get him and Iverson sounded like he was happy to be there and he said he thought the team could contend. And there were no practice questions and churchboy1 he pretty much said that he would rather start but he would come off the bench if they told him to.

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