Paul Harris, Syracuse

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Paul Harris, Syracuse

The Utah Jazz have invited paul harris to training camp, look for harris to make the roster because matt harpring is leaning heavily on retirement because of his ailing knee and ankle. Watch for Harris to take over harpring's role on the jazz as the tough bruiser banger type on offense and defense, and shouls see limited playing time depending on matchups.

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good. he\s a steal tough

good. he\s a steal tough defense and good rebounding teams will regret not pcking him up.

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i agree.hes a big body good defense and do many different things.thats why we called him do-it-all-paul in high school.imma niagara falls high school freshman now n i see paul sometimes around town or at the YMCA.hes gonna be good.hes gonna be like every1 predicted here.....ppl gonna want him because he can keep up with ppl of strength.

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