lebron TV

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lebron TV

if that were to happen, what shows do you think will be on it. but more seriously, if this were to happen, do you think it would be fair for the next cba have a rule to avoid this advantage and how does this affects lbj's chances of landing in NY?

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i dont see how they would

i dont see how they would even start discussing that...too many factors and NY still seems like a longshot

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not gonna happen anytime

not gonna happen anytime soon and no effect. btw jay-z was on letterman last night.. said he thinks the move to brooklyn will be finalized in december, and then it will take a year to build an arena. he also got asked about lebron and he said your typical we want him here but im not going to abuse our friendship type answer.

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no way they would have to

no way they would have to likefollow him around with a camera all day and im sure that would piss him off.

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