The Other Side with Allen Iverson

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The Other Side with Allen Iverson

Reading that letter to "Mr. Iverson" made me think....why?

Seriously. I mean, he played 12 seasons and last year averaged 17.5 points and got hurt. Why should he take less from anyone?

If I was Iverson, I would have went to greece and show the NBA...I'm still the man. We may say he's not being realistic but I think were talking about a man who everyone doubted and still made a HOF career in the NBA.

I think he should have went to Greece and dominated for a season and came back and good more money in 2010

thoughts...btw, I think at least 10 teams made a bad mistake by not adding Iverson

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I agree with 10 teams making

I agree with 10 teams making a mistake..

I also believe that10 teams shouldnt have signed him...Memphis being 1 of the 10

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i dont know bout going to

i dont know bout going to greece, but some teams will regret not signing him. Memphis in my opnion was one of the worst places he could end up. I wish he would swallow his pride and agree to be a 6th man on a championship team. I mean this guys would still average 20 a game as a 6th man, and would easily help a championship team.

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i have no idea why iverson

i have no idea why iverson has such a problem with being a six man, there are sic mans all over the league that can dominate games (Terry, Manu)
he keeps saying how badly he wants a championship, he needs to make some personal and fianicial sacrifices for that to happen and if he does gather a ring he will be remembered as a great (greater than he will already be remembered) and no one can pay him out for not being a winner

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He has a problem with sixth

He has a problem with sixth man cause that is just not his swagger. Somethings just aren't natural. Is it physically possible sure but so is shooting left handed. He pours his heart on the court NOT from the bench this isnt Steve Wojo smacking the floor, that is just not his swagger. He is trying to help win, but the bench is just out of position for him.

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Hopefully soon he takes a

Hopefully soon he takes a slice of humble pie but the thing is he was scapegoated by Detroit in their rebuilding year. They were bad because of other reasons not AI. AI is still good enough to score 20 plus points and cause defenses havoc. His problem is his game is hard to fit with every player and most coaches do not know how to deal with his game. They also dont have the patient like the 6ers and not Brown has with him, All along I had Iverson going to Memphis. I actually thought that would everything I was looking at if he wanted to start and get minutes Memphis was the best choice. People were already talking about Mayo wanting to be a point when he has played two and can defend that position. Also people have been not high on Conley's play even with his improvements. This allows for a Iverson- Mayo back court. Randolph may not fit well but I am sure that after putting up numbers for a bad team that Gay will not mind sharing and getting a couple of easy lobs by either guard. People forget that Iguadala played alright with Iverson even though he was able to show more of his game when AI left but Gay could work with AI and I think Mayo really wants to be a point guard so at least he will be looking to get more assists this year. They will be a dangerous team to play even though I doubt they make the playoffs

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Iverson can still be an

Iverson can still be an all-star caliber player. Problem is, a team has to let him be himself and play the way that naturally comes to him. That means he gets to shoot whenever he wants to and has no leash on him. If you do that, then he can still score 25 a game and be a top player.

However, how many teams are gonna benefit by doing that? Elite teams with playoff hopes aren't gonna just let him come in and jack up shots and take over the offense. Bad teams want their younger still developing players to be the focal point, not some 34 year old guy who doesn't play defense.

AI was in a tough spot this off-season, and the result is him landing on a memphis team that is probably trying to sell tickets.

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