T Wolves trade for PG

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T Wolves trade for PG

Ok, so at first it was kind of funny that Minnesota drafted back to back point guards, but everyone was thinking they were up to a trade. Time passes and they go through the whole Rubio thing and decide to sign Ramon Sessions. Things get even more ridiculous and now they have traded Bobby Brown and Darius Songalia for Antonio Daniels. Either we are all stupid or David Khan is light years ahead of everyone else in his thinking with this whole idea of loading down your roster with point guards. His other offseason move was acquiring a useless center (Calvin Booth) by trading a guy (Quentin Richardson) that they could have actually used. I'm wondering if Kahn is working for KG. Maybe he hired Kahn to ruin that franchise for all the horrible years he had to endure. Losing all of those draft picks for JOE SMITH was bad enough, now this.

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