I would like to do one more 2 for 1 swap.

Anyone interested? A deal similar to what R-Dot and I did is what I'm looking for. No real big name players and a handful of bench players involved.

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You have a trade offer.

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throw me an offer kacey!

throw me an offer kacey!

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And as far as playing

And as far as playing basketball is concerned, Gibson has been pretty solid his first three seasons. Granted, it’s been hard to get a great read on how productive he could really be since he’s spent almost his entire career as Carlos Boozer’s backup, but he’s talented enough on both ends of the floor to be a starting NBA power forward for a lot of teams in this league.cfg323fafda

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Gasol has played extensively

Gasol has played extensively in the preseason in the absence of Howard, who still hasn't debuted for the Lakers midway through the preseason despite participating in every practice. Although the former Orlando center feels no pain in his surgically repaired back, Howard insists he won't return until he's completely healthy, but won't speculate on when it might happen.

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