No Love for Nets

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No Love for Nets

I saw a couple of posts that said they thought the Nets would have the worst record for the upcoming season...thats just crazy

I'm not saying the Nets are going to make the playoffs by any means but this team is alot better than people give them credit for

Devin Harris is probably the forgotten of all the great Eastern Conference PGs but is definitely right up there with them and as good a scorer as any, I remember watching him completely own D-Will in a game last year scoring at will

Also, the concensus seems to be that Brook Lopez is the number 2 C in the East already after Dwight

If you have two All Stars at PG and C as well as a good 3rd option in Courtney Lee, why is this the worst team in the League...I think people are over-rating Vince on this team last year, Harris was the clear MVP

The Nets will be better than the Kings, Grizzlies, Clippers, Knicks, Pacers and possibly Thunder

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The Nets will be good and

The Nets will be good and wont have the worst record but a few of those teams you wrote will be better than the Nets. They should have a pretty good year and I think they will win about 30-35 games.

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I like the Nets

as a team with the players you mentioned and T-Will with Yi and CDR good young talent. Throw in Skip, Najera, and Hayes. I like their team quite a bit. just young. Yi is going to go off for like 15 and 6

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I don't think the Nets will

I don't think the Nets will be the worst team. I think the Wolves, Kings and Bucks are the worst teams. But I do think the CLippers, Grizz, Pacers and Thunder all finish ahead of the Nets.

As good as Brook and Devin are, they just don't have much help. Lee is promising, but not ready to be the number wing player on either end of the court. After that, you got TWill, Jianlian, Boone, Hayes, Simmons, Alston, SWilliams, and Dooloing. That's a pretty weak group.

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Deron Williams

Deron Williams was playing his third game back from his ankle injury. He said he was playing at 70% or something. I know that's not your point, but somebody has to stick up for him.

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I do like the Nets, but

I do like the Nets, but probably the best thing they could do this year IS tank and be a bottom 5 team. It's obvious that they are in rebuilding mode, and may have a good shot in locking up a top free agent in 2010. Having Derek Favors could make this team a little more attractive for Lebron.

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Last I checked 2 good

Last I checked 2 good players doesn't make a good team. Lee is not a good 3rd offensive option. He is still a bit raw. He will be a good 3rd option eventually, but now he is more of a 4th or 5th option at best. And at this point in his career Brooke Lopez is not a very good #2 option either. He is good, but he is an average #2 option on offense at best right now. Dont forget he was a rookie last season--he will take a few seasons before he should be a top option on offense.

And take a look behind Lee, Harris, and Lopez. A bunch of scrubs, busts, and nobodies. Nets will have a top-5 pick next season.

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The Nets are actually

The Nets are actually starting to grow on me. They will be by no means the worst team in the league, but i expect them to finish like 9th or 10th in the east. They need a go-to wing scorer and more experience

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Nets are

Nets are rebuilding but they would not, at least to me, be the worst team in the NBA right now... They have a talented PG in Devin Harris and an upcoming stud in Brook Lopez... They will be back to where they were once they find the right pieces but its easier said than done...

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no way there better than

no way there better than some of those teams. Lopez i think is the kind of player ho can make an impact right away but doesnt improve much becase of his lack of energy and boring style.
Harris isc All-Star good i agree.
bu tsome of those teams are loaded.
Thunder (Durant, Green, Harden, Westbrook) Memphis (Gasol, Iverson, Randolph, Mayo, Gay, Conley)
there better than some of those teams i agree though.

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