Elton Brand

Where do you guys see him in terms of Philly and in terms of his overall career. Its pretty obvious he doesn't fit into their team and they are actually better without him. However in the right system could he still play?

What do you think of this as a straight up trade trading Elton Brand to Chicago straight up for Kirk Heinrich. Bulls get the post player they desperately need and Philly gets a PG who can play uptempo and score.

Would love to get a Philly fans opinion (cough...Iguodala)

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That trade is actually a good one...but with a new coach and new system I think they will try it out one more time. Young, Iggy, and Brand is nice and if Sam D. can play like they expect I'd expect them to challenge for the 4th spot, but that was a very good trade proposal.

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Get Sammie D out of town!

Get Sammie D out of town! Just thought I say that, even though it doesnt deal with the topic...anyway

Elton Brand should be traded, I think the team wouldve moved him last year but honestly, who wouldve wanted him? I think he will be traded, especially if we start out slow again. We will probably go after a PF to replace him or a PG. But I do want him moved, not that I hate him or anything, he just doesnt make us better and he doesnt exactly fit the offense.

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Brand to OKC

I think Brand could fit in nicely at OKC, he'd be a #2 option to Kevin Durant and Jeff Green could move to the three, but the problem would be packaging a deal to get him there. I think they'd could do it if they gave up a 1st round pick and maybe a role player with upside like Kyle Weaver, or a vet who can run the floor like Desmond Mason they could get it done.

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iguodala9 what do u think of

iguodala9 what do u think of Brand for Kirk Hinrich

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Isnt Durant the 3? I

Isnt Durant the 3? I think..idk that's why Green is at the four right?

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Yes durant is the 3 which

Yes durant is the 3 which would push green to the bench, and okc wouldnt take on a 70 mill contract for a pf who just missed a year after an achilles tendon injury, brand would really have to play his ass off and if he was why would philly trade him

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Philly just needs to play

Philly just needs to play there game. It's up to Elton to keep up with them. If it doesn't i would say there are a lot of teams that could do with him.

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Brand for Hinrich is a joke.

Brand for Hinrich is a joke. #1, the 76ers would have no post option outside of Dalembert and Speights . Brand's had 2 bad years and people forget he's a legit 20-10 and 2 block player. He's a great player and person, and the second most, maybe most talented player on their roster. The guy plays great defense, has a reliable mid range jumper, and plays big minutes all the time. He's not as young as he used to be, but Brand goes back in on of the most underrated players in the nba category with some of the comments. When Elton's in the all star game, we'll see how much credit he gets then. As a matter of fact, I'll ask him on Saturday.

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Presti would never make a

Presti would never make a foolish move like that. He's going to let the team grow with who they have, and add complimentary pieces down the road when they see fit, not add some injured wash up with a fat contract.

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Im a sixers fan since 1980.....

heres my thoughts. Brand didnt fit in last year for two reasons:

#1) Philly did not run a motion offense last year. This basically gave brand one option. catch the ball on the block and allowed double teams to come with no one cutting or making the Defense pay for doubling (SEE OUR 3 PT % LAST YEAR)

#2)Brand was never fully healed from the previous injury.


#1) Are you familiar with the princeton offense? It is constant motion. Brand will get touches from both elbows, top of the key, both blocks, and occassionally on the wing. SPACING IS KEY. This should give him more opportunities to succeed. When you dont have GREAT shooters you need to have cutters and constant motion. The new offense should fix all of this.

#2) Hopefully he is fully recovered.

#3) When your one of 5 active NBA players with career averages of 20 PPG / 10 RPG i think you can succeed. The guy is a high character individual and i do not think he will allow himself to fail.

#4) We now have kapono. he is one of the best shooters in the NBA.. He should allow for Brand to get some more Single Coverage..

#5) I do not think you can base your assesment on a guy who only played 15-20 games last year... Also went through 2 different head coaches.

#6) to win in the NBA you need some semblance of a half court offense. Who better to go to in the 4th quarter on philly than Brand..

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You have to wait until atleast mid january to think about trading him to see if he plays well in Eddie Jordans system

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sorry Rose is their future

sorry Rose is their future and they dont need someone like him taking shots fro their young players. he would have the same impact that i think Randolph will have with Memphis, also i think Tyros will be good once he puts weight on and works on his jumber more, and their already thin at guard and would have a glaring weakness.

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