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And as far as playing

And as far as playing basketball is concerned, Gibson has been pretty solid his first three seasons. Granted, it’s been hard to get a great read on how productive he could really be since he’s spent almost his entire career as Carlos Boozer’s backup, but he’s talented enough on both ends of the floor to be a starting NBA power forward for a lot of teams in this league.3423223fa

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Although Bryant and Brown

Although Bryant and Brown both live nearby in Orange County, the Lakers showed up rather late to Honda Center, arriving less than 90 minutes before tipoff after their team bus got caught in traffic.

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“He is tested. He knows who

“He is tested. He knows who he is, which is comforting as a coach when a guy goes in and he knows what he is supposed to do and who he is and not going through the wars for the first time. Now we just have to get Terrence up to speed to perform like that each and every day and be consistent with it. And he will. Terrence is a talented, talented young man and his upside is off the charts. He just has to get up to speed on the NBA right now.”

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