Which side are you on: Retired Jerseys

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Which side are you on: Retired Jerseys

A lot has been going on in sports and one of the biggest part of honoring a legend is retiring his jersey into the rafters... MJ#23, Magic#32, Elway#7, Marino#13, Ruth#3 and a whole lot more... My question is, should you allow other players from wearing the retired numbers? I mean, when you look at the Boston Celtics, they don't have enough numbers anymore to wear... If LBj goes to Boston, I said if, he can't wear number 23 since it has been retired (Frank Ramsey). Shaq could have worn 32 in LA but wore 34 because Magic had that number... I know that it could be an insult if Casey Jacobsen goes to the Bulls and starts wearing number 23 like he always does but think about it, LeBron could come to Chicago and wear 23... Kobe could come to New York and wear number 24... or think about another superstar that could wear Lakers #32 or Celtics #33... So, which side are you on? Are you against this or are you open for that? Let's get the debate going...

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I don't think players should

I don't think players should wear retired numbers. It puts more meaning into the number being retired. Some teams just have way too lax of standards when it comes to retiring numbers. I mean, Sac just retired Vlade Divac's number last year.

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The idea of retired jerseys

The idea of retired jerseys are that they aren't to be worn again. Kind of contradicts the whole concept if people suddenly start wearing "retired" numbers

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Retired Jerseys

Usually when a player wants to wear a retired jersey they ask the players permission to wear it.

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If it's retired then don't wear it. I don't think all teams are going to retire jerseys of only league legends., but some teams are going to retire jerseys of guys that were integral part of championship teams. I have no problem with that. I'm sure the Spurs will retire Bruce Bowen's jersey. He's not an all time great, but he was a huge part of their winning and success. I am kind of surprised at the Vlade thing though. Maybe they are doing it because they have so little history and he was a part of some of their best basketball. Who knows.

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In year 4012, there wont be

In year 4012, there wont be enough numbers left..

They should start some type of rule, like..after the persons jersey has been retired for 20 years, then the number can be used again...

or something like that..

But there should be some type of exeption for specific the number 23 should NEVER be worn in a Bulls jersey

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instead of being retired jerseys

they should be called bret favre jerseys

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i think its a good idea to

i think its a good idea to keep jerseys retired, and if a team retires all 101 jerseys they can go to 3 digits but that will be long into the future

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