im looking to add a wr and qb

for depth. if you any offers just send them to me.

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And as far as playing

And as far as playing basketball is concerned, Gibson has been pretty solid his first three seasons. Granted, it’s been hard to get a great read on how productive he could really be since he’s spent almost his entire career as Carlos Boozer’s backup, but he’s talented enough on both ends of the floor to be a starting NBA power forward for a lot of teams in this league.caf3

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There are more than two weeks

There are more than two weeks remaining before the Timberwolves' regular-season debut against Sacramento on Nov. 2, and in that time, that glue should solidify. Roles will seem clearer, and making decisions about games will come more naturally to Rick Adelman and the team's coaches. Right now, there are so many options, too many ways to tweak the team that just might work. There's still time to experiment, but it's drawing to an end, and to have early evidence of some viable options must be comforting.

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