You Fool !

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You Fool !

i remember a couple years back when everyone was waving about gerald green. saying he was the next tmac .even i was big on him. i thought he was gonna be a star in the league. i was hoping my magic would pick him. but instead we pick vasquez. anyway he was suppose to be a top ten pick only to fall all the way to the 18 pick to the celtics. while he was there he did decent but nothing worth all the hype he receive . he did manage to win a slam dunk contest lol. but after that season he was traded to minnesota
for the infamous kg trade. he didnt really get a chance to shine out there. and his next stop was his hometown rockets. but he couldnt even touch the floor there. and was release no less than month. he sign with dallas. and couldnt even beat wright or anyone else for the starting shooting guard spot. now he is at the age of 23 in his fifth season coming up and he cant even find a job. im not even convince had he went to Oklahoma State University he would had been better. i think like his favorite player tmac. hes lazy, dont wanna work hard, has all the Potential in the world. but just cant seem to put it together. hes still young so maybe with the right team he can be a good role player.

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i agree with most of the

i agree with most of the stuff you say
but you cant just say hes lazy and has por work ethic unless you have proof
he may work real hard but for whatever reason it just doesnt work out well for him

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couple things: 1-the garnett

couple things:

1-the garnett trade was not "infamous". It really worked for both teams. Minnesote was not going anywhere with KG, and they used him to land a franchise big man in Jefferson as well a solid player in Ryan Gomes and a top 10 draft pick.

2-Green has done nothing. I dont' know about his work ethic, but he has sub par handles, a slow set up and release on his jumper. and he avoids contact at all costs. There are still members on here who claim he can still make it, but I'm not one of them. He gets my official seel of BUST.

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I dont understand why he

I dont understand why he isnt good. He has every tool you want in an offensive player. Nice shot, good handle, ability to finish at the rim. He just doesnt pass and he doesnt defend. Those are things that can improved on very fast, those arent real development issues, but they have been for him. He should just try to do those things and take good shots and he'll be OK. But we've said that for years and still hasnt done it. I give up on him now.....

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