Greg Paulus' first game

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Greg Paulus' first game

Did anybody see Greg Paulus' debut? If so, how did he look?

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Looked alright. Nothing

Looked alright. Nothing stellar. He threw one TD pass and threw a crucial INT late in the game.

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I watched it. He looked

I watched it. He looked pretty good. They didn't throw deep much, mostly a bunch of short routes but he made a couple good throws on the run and had some good pump-fakes/fake handoffs. He managed the game very well throughout.

The Bad: He didn't have much pocket presence. At the end of the first half he started scurrying around the pocket even though there was no pressure. Same thing at the end of the game in OT.. He started scurrying around then made a bad throw that cost Cuse the game. That's something he'll learn throughout the season..

Overall it was solid. It looks like he should've played football out of HS rather than basketball for sure.

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He played very well. He hit

He played very well. He hit his targets, showed some great accuracy on a few balls (including a big 3rd down ball that hit a guy in the chest but was dropped) and made good decisons until his last pass of the game. I have no idea what he was thinking on that throw but other then that he showed good mobility, great accuracy, a knack for finding the open man and threw very on the move. I give him an A- if you take out that last throw.

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