Wolves Sign Guard Ramon Sessions

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Wolves Sign Guard Ramon Sessions

What yall think ?

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Is it official? The Bucks

Is it official? The Bucks decided to decline?

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Theres already a thread

Theres already a thread about this.

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What is Minnesota doing. I

What is Minnesota doing. I was cool with the idea of them basically giving the team to Flynn and let him get a lot of minutes and develop. I would've like to see them maybe bring in a reserve veteran guard who can show him the ropes a bit. Maybe someone like Flip Murray or another vet. Signing another young promising point guard who will stunt the development of Flynn has me scratching my head. I thought when they fired McHale they were gonna get a GM who understodd how to build a team, and getting three really young point guards in one summer is not the way if u ask me

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sweet move...not

nice move david kahn. now you have flynn, sessions and rubio locked up for the next few years. how are these three supposed to coexist? why would rubio ever want to play for the t-wolves now?

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