if kobe/lebron/howard/paul/roy/duncan/dirk/anthony missed 20 games..

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if kobe/lebron/howard/paul/roy/duncan/dirk/anthony missed 20 games..

if any of the above listed players missed 20 games due to a suspenion or injury, how badly would it hurt the team?

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i think

i say it would hurt cleveland bad, it would also hurt the hornets bad. meaning they'd win 10/20 at the most.

the lakers/magic/spurs/mavericks/trailblazers would win 10 or more of those 20 games if they didn't have their star player.

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lebron and paul

i think if LBJ and CP3 got sidelined, it would hurt their teams more than others. This is because lebron is pretty much all the offense on his team, now with Shaq it would hurt less but last year it would have been devastating. The hornets would be awful without chris paul. He is the only reason the other guys on the team get points because he makes easy buckets and wide open shots for them.

All the rest of those guys have better players on their team that can pick up the slack when they go down.
Kobe's out, Artest, Gasol, and Bynum will pick it up
No Howard, you got Rashard, Vince Carter, and jameer
if roy is gone, miller will pick up the slack and they have good depth with young legs
Duncan gets hurt- Manu, Jefferson and Tony Parker will still be okay
Dirk goes down, kidd, marion, and howard
Anthony has billups, jr, nene, and k-mart to back him up

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Let's See

The Lakers, Magic, Blazers, Spurs and Mavs would probably all be ok for that amount of time assuming there are no other injuries or suspensions. To me, this is a testament to how well built their teams are. They have a superstar or multiple stars, but they also have enough around those guys that they can keep things going.

The Lakers still have guys like Odom, Gasol, Bynum and even Farmar can help with the scoring load. The Magic got really deep this offseason and Howard would be a big loss, but they have so many scorers that they are still hard to beat. Roy is an all star, but Rudy Fernandez and others would step in to help fill his spot. Spurs still have Tony Parker, Ginobli, Richardson, McDyess among others. The Mavs would probably go .500 in this stretch, but that wouldn't knock them out of the playoffs. The other teams would completely collapse without their main player.

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The Lakers would be the best

The Lakers would be the best of those teams, then the Spurs. The Mavs, Blazers and Magic would still be competitive but my question is with Roy out for the Blazers who would step up and win the close matches for the Blazers they would be lacking a closer. Carter could do it for the Magic to a point and Kidd is still handy to have in close games.
The Nuggets are interesting as they have Billups to hit the big shot and Smith could help keep the scoring up but with Jones gone who will match-up with the opposing teams best offensive player with no Carmelo? He showed last year he was capable of tough defense like on Kobe in the play-offs he competed every possession.
The Cavs would look bad with no LeBron they lose there best scorer, passer, playmaker, defensive player and one of the better rebounders as well. I don't see anyone on that team being able to step up and fill that 25+ppg 7rpg 7apg a night hole.
The Hornets would just plain stink without CP3. They would be lost out there. I can't see anyone on that team who could help. Granted they would still have an inside outside game with Okafor and West down low with Peja on the arc but how are these guys going to get the ball consistently when defense don't need to worry what Paul is going to do.

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The Hornets would lose over

The Hornets would lose over half the games .

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would lose most in paul

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lets just say

hornets are done and might be looking a lottery pick and same thing for the cavs because mo williams can't do anything without lbj

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It depends on when they miss the games like for like a couple periods or a long stretch and if its the beginning, middle, or end of the season during the last20 games or so when every thing gets tough but if Paul or LeBron went out I think there teams would suffer because Paul get everyone into the game and LBJ is the focal point of that offense and his loss would hurt them terribly
I think Chauncey would be able to keep the Nuggets a float and Odom seems to step up big when people are injured and they still have Pau and Bynum and Dwight doesn't even look like he could get injured but they got Vince to pick up the slack if Roy was injured that team would be dead unless Aldrige turned out to be a beast not sayin that he's not good though I don't even know what Dirks injury would do

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Was that a secret spam?? Hmm. I think it was. There is a link there. SPAMER!!! SPAMER!!!!!! lol

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if kobe/lebron/howard/paul/roy/duncan/dirk/anthony missed 20 gam

Hornets would lose most of there games right off top...they have a better supporting cast now but Darren Collison aint no Cp3.Spurs would still rack up wins and so would the Lakers. Blazers I'm iffy on since they have Andre Miller now I can still see them getting wins because Andre always brings the best out of his supporting cast. Denver would be horrible omg lol.Orlando and the Lakers would still be a very good team. As for Cleveland I think they'd fall off just not as bad.

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