Timberwolves near offer sheet with Ramon Sessions

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Timberwolves near offer sheet with Ramon Sessions

Do you guys think that Ramon Session possibly signing with the Timberwolves would be a good move for the Minnesota? For me, I believe this move is bittersweet. Bitter in the sense that it could possibly stunt Flynn's growth, but also it could not cause he is a rookie. Maybe Session being there will provide him some learning experience for Flynn. In addition for it being bitter, what does this mean for Rubio? Does a Session-Flynn duo look better than a Rubio-Flynn Duo? It is sweet in the sense that Minnesota does get a solid PG that is ready to contribute to the team. IMO, I really like Flynn and he is going to be solid, but right now Session is able to produce right and doesn't need to go through that rookie hump that Flynn will have to go through. The Timberwolves will get a solid contributor that'll help Flynn develop and will provide an upgrade for Minnesota at the time being.

All in all, I think this is will be a great move for the T-Wolves just for the time being, but Flynn will take over as soon he able too. I thought that Flynn would able to lead this team, but as of now I think Sessions is a better option right now.

Here is the link, let me know your thoughts.

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Kahn is not rushing to deal

Kahn is not rushing to deal Rubio........He has 2 yrs to do that if he want's.
Think of it as insurance till Rubio comes over

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thats just stupid

sessions is 23 and played i year which major minutes he cant teach more then a coach can

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this is stupid

the wolves dont need a pg unless its a backup. so why would they bring in sessions its just stuntin flynn growth. i mean adding sessions would be a upgrade only if they didnt have flynn. if kahn was smart he woulda drafted curry and flynn. insted of drafting rubio. i think sessions will do well. but he will stunt flynn's growth.

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A couple feelings 1-Kahn is

A couple feelings

1-Kahn is not smart. I felt this way since he drafted Flynn and Rubio and said he saw them playing together in the backcourt.

2-Sessions and Flynn will battle it out, and unfortunately, one of these young promising pg's will have their growth stunted.

3-Wolves will suck regardless, no matter how much I think KLove is the

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Disappointing as a Knicks

Disappointing as a Knicks fan, I think everybody knows, including Sessions, that the Knicks were the best fit for him

Somebodys defintely going to get there growth stunted, im a BIG Jonny Flynn fan, and I like Sessions this gets even more disappointing

And it also sounds like Kahn has an unhealthy PG

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bad idea. Flynn is their

bad idea. Flynn is their point guard of the future and what they really need is a good wing player.

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Another dumb move by their GM. Basically they drafted two point guards back to back, then they go out and sign another one for 4 years that should be their starter for at least this season for sure. I really don't get it. I think 4 years at 16 million is a steal for a guy like Sessions, but the Wolves have a way to go. They need a lot of help at the wings and it probably wouldn't hurt if they had an actual center on their roster that can play.They would not be in a horrible position. As it was Flynn would have been getting in a lot of playing in the NBA and Rubio would be doing the same for a top level team in Europe. Worse case you trade one of those, but now you have 3 young point guards. If they wanted a pg they should have went after a veteran to help Flynn learn the ropes. I think Rubio will never make it to play with the Wolves. They are not developing a real team. It just doesn't make sense what they are doing. When you are a bad team, your best bet is to develop and play your young guys.

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