Best Pro Prospect?

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Best Pro Prospect?

Who is the best pro prospect right now? H.S. or College it doesn't matter where.
What do you like about them?What can they improve in or add to their game's?

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Michael Gilchrist. Gonna be

Michael Gilchrist. Gonna be a junior at St. Patricks in New Jersey. Ive hear scouts compare him to a young scottie pippen. needs to add a better jumper and tighten his handle, but he plays great d, is a great athlete, plays hard, and has nice scoring and passing instincts

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Micheal is good, but he's not the best prospect...John Wall is. I still have my doubts about Andre Drummond as well...That class (my class lol) has so many good big men it doesn't matter if he pans out or not.

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I think the overall best

I think the overall best prospect out there right now is either Perry Jones, or Harrison Barnes. I like Jones though.

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jeremy tyler

jeremy tyler

i think jeremy tyler's move was smart he's going to play with big internatinal guys who would give him more competion than the usual 6'5'' -6'8'' high school center plus that type of game will jus let him improve all parts of his game.he'll become more humble to the game knowing that he cant do the same thing there as he did here

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Perry Jones...he looks like

Perry Jones...he looks like a superstar

John Wall close second

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