NBA All-High Flying team

NBA's best dunking team... check it out @

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That's just me...Nice list though. Maybe you can make a high fliers 2nd or 3rd team also.

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I can understand that

Yeah I had a really tough time deciding between the two. Thanks for your input tho!

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Gay>Iggy also.

Gay>Iggy also.

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i completely agree with this

i completely agree with this .

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no vince carter?

no vince carter?

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Carter is past his prime...

He hasn't done anything within the past few years to keep him in the elite dunker status. He's still great, probably the best ever, but just not right now. Not consistently in games, anyway.

I think this is a good list, but while Wade is a great in-game dunker, I don't think he'd be as effective in something like a dunk contest. I'd still keep him at #6 though.

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what you think?

this has nothing to do with the high flying team, but i also read on your site about a good trade for Stephen Jackson.. I thought of one the other day and just would like to no what you think about it.

Golden State gets: Terrence Williams, Yi Jianlin, Tony Battie
New Jersey gets: Stephen Jackson, Acie Law

Warriors get a point forward and two mobile big men who can work in there system because they have no depth.
Nets get a starting small forward which they dont have. Acie was just a throw in but that could be anybody or money/picks.

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id take out Lebron. hes

id take out Lebron. hes athletic but isnt that creative id put Green over him.

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