lee and robinson

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lee and robinson

"Knicks president Donnie Walsh is confident that David Lee and Nate Robinson will re-sign with the team soon.

"Things are moving along," Walsh told the New York Daily News. "Nothing is imminent, but the talks have been good."

Lee and Robinson are restricted free agents, and Walsh has said in the past that he would prefer to retain both players.

The Knicks, looking to preserve cap space for next summer, are believed to be offering solely one-year deals to the pair.

The Daily News estimates that Lee could get $7 million, while Robinson's one-year pact would be around $5 million."

what do u guys think will happen? i think lee gets signed and nate gets sign-and traded to a team

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i would like that but i

i would like that but i thought they were at most going to sign one.

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Nate is a one year deal so doesnt hurt them while lee contract i thought was relatively low

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I think the players are not

I think the players are not gonna get better from anywhere else, so they should take it and give it a shot again next year when they are unrestricted.

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actually lee is in a bad

actually lee is in a bad situation..he wont get much next year with teams spending there money on all the other free agents and his agent said he wants a longer term deal. either way the knicks will be bad yet again

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I agree

With Hodges. No one should be happy about being a free agent next year unless they are a superstar or right under that level. The cap is going down so I don't expect there to be much for role players. Honestly, I think that is part of the reason Marquis Daniels took a two year deal for the bi annual exception. He probably knows he can earn some of that money back, but he will be coming out when hopefully the economy is better and there are less big names to take all the cash.

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