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I was just thinking about there last two drafts and it seems like they have had successful drafts but I was wondering how would people react and which of these two backcourts would you rather have.

In last years draft they took Russell Westbrook with the number 4 pick and in this years draft they took James Harden with the number 3 pick. I was wondering what would of happened if they took Eric Gordon with the number 4 pick and Ricky Rubio with the number 3 pick.

What backcourt duo would you rather have Russell Westbrook + James Harden or Eric Gordon + Ricky Rubio. I was bored in class and thought about this and just figured to see what other people think about this.

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this is actually an awesome

this is actually an awesome topic. Right now i would take the harden and westbrook backcourt because i think that they compliment Kevin Durant better than the Rubio and Gordon backcourt. Plus idk when Rubio is comin to the US.

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Gordon is the best player of

Gordon is the best player of the bunch and Rubio is the worst IMO. Depends on what you want I guess. If you want 2 scorers and people who can be playmakers you go Westbrook/Harden. If you want a traditional playmaking not high scoring pg and profilic scoring off guard you go Rubio/Gordon.

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Rubio/Gordon would be a

Rubio/Gordon would be a defensive liability IMO. Rubio would have probably pulled the same crap with OKC that he pulled with the Wolves, and Harden I think is a better compliment for Durant, because of his unselfishness.

Speaking of the last two drafts I've thought about whether they'd be better off with Lopez/Flynn (or Rubio I suppose) or Westbrook/Harden. Other then Aldrich(whom they probably won't lose enough games to draft), there isn't too many legit C's coming out of college or HS in the next few years, and that seems to be the only way OKC can get legit talent. So do you think OKC would have been better off drafting Lopez when they had a chance to lock up a C then take a PG that probably won't be as good as Westbrook, and leave Thabo at the 2.

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I'd take Rubio and

I'd take Rubio and Gordon.

As talented as Westbrook is, I don't see how he compliments Durant. He's often out of control, erratic and very turnover prone. He lacks good decision making at the point guard position. He's more of an athletic slasher, not a point guard. He looks to shoot first and often overdribbles. The sooner they move him off the ball, the better. Rubio isn't the athlete or defender that Westbrook is, but he'd compliment Durant better. Durant is legit number one scoring option and superstar in the making... Why not pair him with a true past first point guard who loves to get his teammates the ball?

If I had to choose between Gordon and Harden or even Westbrook at the two guard spot, I'm going with Gordon. Gordon would give Durant a serious second scoring option. The good thing about Gordon is he doesn't force shots... He plays within the offense. He doesn't need the ball in his hands to be effective and makes the right pass majority of the time.

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well since nobody has seen

well since nobody has seen rubio play an nba game this is actually a 1 sider here... obviously westbrook and harden....

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I like how tezo broke it down but...

I'd go with Westbrook and Harden, would be a very solid defensive team. I think Westbrook is turnover prone and can get erratic, but he is as talented as they come. And I definitely think Westbrook could be a good compliment to Durant. I mean he was a compliment last year lol, and look what Durant did. Westbrook could also be a great threat in the drive and dish game and would allow Durant to just catch and shoot if the D collapsed. Harden would be the solid, non-gambling defender and the player that would get the job done in the flow of the offense, as a pseudo-facilitator, spot up shooter, and and the player that picks his spots. I think Westbrook and Harden compliment each other well, and are good players to have in the Thunders core

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Westbrook > Rubio Gordon >

Westbrook > Rubio
Gordon > Harden

But i take Westbrook and Harden.

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last year I actually wanted

last year I actually wanted them to pick bayless. I thought he would be a lot better than westbrook if he had the same PT that westbrook has. I see that i'm wrong now. I think that Harden and Westbrook would be better because they know each other's games and all that. But I will always wonder if they had taken Bayless, and then sticked with harden too, how it would be with 2 guards from the state of Arizona to play with one another.

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