What do you think of Euro prospects?

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What do you think of Euro prospects?

In general, I know it depends on the player, but just think normally what do you associate Euro prospects with?Why?Would you take a gamble on any Euro prospect with your top pick?

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I like these next era guys

I like these next era guys but not with the 1st pick probably not a top 15 pick either

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Personally, I never like to

Personally, I never like to judge Euro prospects, mainly because I dont see them play, besides a few highlight films, which I never judge a persons game by

I've never really been high on euro prospects either way, mainly for the same reasons the T'Wolves probably just got screwed

Would I take a gamble on a euro prospects?
In the lottery? Honestly, No....unless he was suppose to be the next greatest thing ever

Later in the 1st or even 2nd round? Yeah, why not? I could get a Rudy Fernandez or maybe even Manu Ginobli

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If I was a GM I would almost

If I was a GM I would almost never draft a Eurpean player t here are a few exceptions but normally I would not draft them because they normally are busts and you dont get to see them play very much.

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This too hard to say. There

This too hard to say. There are plenty of flops, but you also get guys like Parker, Gasol, Dirk among others. So how can you say that you wouldn't use a high pick just based soley on the fact they are european. I would take it one case at a time just like I would with American players. Euro's do tend to be a little soft though.

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European big guys are

European big guys are usually gifted offensively but are either too physically weak or too mentally weak or a combo of both (Tskitishviti for example) to live up to the hype they generate or be good and effective.

Now I usually like European wing players and PG's, because they have alot of speed and/or quickness that allos them to be good players (Parker, Beaubois, Rudy Fernandez). Ricky Rubio doesnt have either, and he's weak physically and weak. Screams bust. I wouldnt take a guard in the lottery, and none of the players I mentioned were taken high so.....thats how I feel

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Its tough to judge the

Its tough to judge the European prospects because you do not see enough of them and the level of competition is still not as good as the US. Out of all the guys that have been drafted there has only been a handful of studs and plenty of busts.

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i wouldnt but

only if dat particular person was super good in a real game or put up spectacular points on his season

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I would stay away from them. Not saying none of them are good, but they are commonly take way too high. They very rarely live up to the hype. It is hard to judge guys who have not played against othe big names often. Even a guy like Wall who is in college you can compare him to a guy in the NBA he might have face in AAU or in high school numerous times. You can scout them better. I still believe there leagues are strong enough for players to improve their game's some to ready them for the NBA. I just am shaky about using that early draft pick on them though. A guy like Jenning can learn fundamentals in the Euro leagues, but I am sure he faced better atheletes over here.

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I think some of you are

I think some of you are being quite harsh. A lot of European players are taken in the late second round and not really given much of a chance. To completely dismiss europeans as risky, or soft is way too general and a bit ridiculous. Also, to say that the competition isn't high in Europe is insane. I am from England, and watch a fair amount of Euroleague. Some of the standards are high, especially in Spain and Greece. There are a lot of seasoned professionals, so maybe you could argue that the NCAA is softer. Also, there is definetely a lot more "small ball" played in the NCAA compared to the Euroleague, so to say European ballers aren't prepared, or up to standard, is a little naive i think.

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