1 v. 1 against an NBA player

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1 v. 1 against an NBA player

If you were given the chance to play any NBA player in a game of 1 on 1 for 100 grand, who would you pick? It could be ANYBODY currently in the league.

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Scot Pollard, Jon Brockman,

Scot Pollard, Jon Brockman, Darko, Kwame Brown,

I could beat all of them- I think

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One of the Collins twins Too

One of the Collins twins

Too slow to keep up, with limited offensive game, i'd win :)

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u cant beat a nba player dont even think that
i wud play wade he prolly bring me to games, gimmie signed jersey it wud be fun but i wud lose

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Jake Voskhul

Jake Voskhul

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Ricky Rubio? If not consider NBA Player then Yao Ming. :D I love the big guy. I'm 'bout to get the whole school to watch, record, and get everything signed. Then chill with him. I don't care if we don't understand each other...haha. I'd especially want a recording in case I do something amazing. :D

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Kobe Bryant he would win but

Kobe Bryant he would win but its better to lose to the best player in the NBA than the worst.

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Greg Oden

I wouldn't play tough defense on him though because I wouldn't want him to get jk,

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Actually it is possibly if

Actually it is possibly if you are a decent size high school talent to beat some nba player that are niche players. There are some NBA players that is you are athletically bless they cant guard you. In basketball if you can score you have a legit chance. One one one is not basketball. People are in the nba because they know how to play team basketball. Not everyone in the NBA are one on one players.

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i would get torn up by any

i would get torn up by any NBA player, but I wish this post took place in one of Oliver Miller's come back years( like 400 pound days), because, maybe...just maybe...I could run around and get him so tired he wouldn't be able to continue, and I'd win by a possible default.

Jon Brockman?? really?? he is regarded as one of the best high school players in Washington's history, try getting a rebound while playing against him 1 on 1. Next Reggie Evans in my opinion.

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since we're like the same

since we're like the same size I think i'd have a good game with Quincy Douby.. although he'd win.. it be an ok game lol

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Me versus

JJ Redick... I think I have a shot against JJ but he's more experienced and he'll probably get the best of me but I think I do have a shot...LOL

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lebron carter or kobe

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"JJ Redick... I think I have

"JJ Redick... I think I have a shot against JJ but he's more experienced and he'll probably get the best of me but I think I do have a shot...LOL"

yeah thats right, of course you do. one of the greatest college scorers ever and you "have a shot". fool

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It seems like a lot of people would just give up on $100,000. Wade, Lebron, Yao...Not me. I agree with MagikKnick. I'll take my chances with one of the Collins twins. One on one basketball is ridiculous as it is. There are tons of guys that are amazing at one on one, but useless in a team game. The opposite is true as well. I'm honestly not as athletic as I used to be, but I can still shoot very well. If I keep hitting 3s, it's going to be hard for one of those guys to beat me. If they come out to guard me, I am driving past them for an easy two. I'm probably going to grab a few rebounds too just because they are so slow. Don't worry, I won't attempt to post either one of them up. It's pointless. You don't have to be great to do that. MagikKnick is a wise man for his choice. He picked one of the slowest and least skilled guys in the NBA. Beating one of the twins would not make me a better or worse player, but based on what I can do and what he would have to do against me would be taking him out of his game and typical player role. Just remember that one on one is not real basketball. A lot of things change as you start adding more guys to the court and once you go full court as opposed to half.

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