Stephen Jackson

i just read that he wants out of g state and wants to go to a team that could make the playoffs... i then wondered what would be a good trade for two teams including stephen jackson, so i went to the trade machine and this is what i got...

Golden State gets: Yi Jianlin, Tony Battie, and Terrence Williams

New Jersey gets: Stephen Jackson and Acie Law

In the Warriors eyes you get two mobile big men with range out to the 3 with Yi and Battie, and golden state is lacking big men to run the floor with right now. Also I heard that the coach likes T-Will and sees him as a Stephen Jackson type player, a point forward that does everything, so i see him fitting in the system very good.

As New Jersey you dont lose many pieces that were working for you and two havent even played a game as a net yet. Yi has not fulfilled his destiny yet, and may work better somewhere else. With getting Stephen Jackson they finally have someone decent to play the small forward position. Acie Law is there to make the money work but that could be someone else or draft picks..But he can be a good back up for the nets.

Golden State Line Up after trade:
PG- Ellis
SG- Maggette
SF- Randolph
PF- Yi
C- Biedrins

New Jersey's After Trade Line Up:
PG- Harris
SG- Lee
SF- Jackson
PF- Najera
C- Lopez

What do you all think of this idea?

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Stephen Jackson to the Spurs

I think this trade could make some sense.

To Warriors: Luol Deng, Roger Mason and Matt Bonner
To Spurs: Stephen Jackson and Chris Richard
To Bulls: Kelenna Azubuike and Speedy Claxton

Golden State's New Lineup:

PG - Curry, SG - Ellis, SF - Deng, PF - Randolph, C - Biedrins, 6th-man - Maggette

San Antonio's New Lineup:

PG - Parker, SG - Jackson, SF - Jefferson, PF - Blair, C - Duncan, 6th-man - Ginobilli

Chicago's New Lineup:

PG - Rose, SG - Azubuike, SF - Salmons, PF - Thomas, C - Noah, 6th-man - Hinrich

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Stephen Jackson & Jason

Stephen Jackson & Jason Richardson are one of my favorite underrated players in the NBA and I think this would be an interesting Line up;

To Warriors: Luol Deng, Roger Mason and Matt Bonner

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That proposed trade was

That proposed trade was written about over 3 years ago.

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Happy to Hear that Stephen

Happy to Hear that Stephen Jackson has signed with the Clippers today.....They need players like him with Attitude....

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