2008-09 Toronto Raptors = 2007-08 Chicago Bulls

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2008-09 Toronto Raptors = 2007-08 Chicago Bulls

The Bulls was MJ's team... The Raptors...well, they did have Vince Carter for his early years which make them marketable in more ways than one... Both these stars went to UNC and both are slam dunk extraordinaires.... But enough of that... What made me wonder a lot is how the 2007-08 Chicago Bulls have the same situation as the 2008-09 Toronto Raptors... Let's move aside their cool jerseys... Red, White and Black... Let's focus on the things that made them even more similar...

1. The Expectations
When the Bulls were set for the 2007-08 season, they were regarded as one of the top contenders of the season since they went deep into the playoffs the previous year. People think that they can do the same dance all over again but lo and behold, they never came close to fighting and were in deep sync after that. They won no more than 2 consecutive games as a streak...

When the Raptors came in and adjusted for the 2008-09 season, a lot of people are saying they are the team to watch out for. They were expected to go as far as the Semi-Finals and maybe, just maybe, make an upset over champs like the C's and the Cavs... But that weren't meant to be... They failed to gain ground and were booted out early on.

Both teams went to finish their respective seasons at 33-49.

2. Goodbye Coach!
The Bulls were struggling that year and just before Christmas, they fired their head coach, Scott Skiles and replaced him with Jim Boylan...

The Raptors were having a slump and eventually fired their head coach Sam Mitchell and replaced him with Jay Triano...

3. The Irony
Ironically, both these 2 teams played against each other in their 82nd game for the past two seasons... The 2007-08 season, The Bulls beat the Raptors... The 2008-09 season, The Raptors beat the Bulls...

4. The Acquisition
The biggest addition of the Bulls was the drafting of Joakim Noah with the 9th pick (NYK)... Many thought that with the addition of Noah, the Bulls will be one of the scariest teams in the league at that time but then again, his demeanor and exaggerating passion were too much for the Bulls and he never really made himself a threat other than the shouting, energy and hustle on the court... But a game changer? N O...

The biggest addition of the Raptors was acquiring Jermaine O'Neal... It was clear that adding him would have been the answer after they were demolished by the Orlando Magic the previous year before, especially when Dwight had 20-20 on those series... Jermaine was their answer and they "just" traded TJ Ford and Rasho for him... But was he really the answer to their woes? He was never the player he used to be years ago with Indiana and he had been injury-plagued recently in his career. Brian Colangelo knew the risks and risks were harsh enough for the Raptors as they realize he just wouldn't fit in on the team. Eventually, they traded him to the Heat for Shawn Marion...

5. Draft Position
The Bulls would have taken the 9th pick in the 2008 NBA Draft and were ready to take DeAndre Jordan or Roy Hibbert in that spot but lady luck had it coming for them as they were the winners of the lottery with the 1st pick, prompting them to analyze only two players in Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley...

The Raptors remained with 9th pick and chose athletic guard Demar Derozan to add athleticism and finesse on the backcourt...

6. The Aftermath
With the Bulls holding the number 1 pick in 2008, they easily selected Derrick Rose. His athleticism and the ability to absorb contact and a lot more makes him a huge upgrade over Kirk Hinrich... The Bulls already has the idea of what it will be when it grows up... And that is to develop their new star PG...

With the Raptors looking to revamp and bounce back after a dismal season, they acquired swingman Hedo Turkoglu and "snatched" him away from the Blazers... The image look really international as they also added Marco Belinelli to the mix...

Each of the team made big acquisition after a disappoining season... But will the Raptors translate it the same with the Bulls? The Bulls made its way to the postseason and almost beat the Celtics to the draw in 7 games... So far, we haven't seen the effect of the Raptors yet but if they do make the playoffs, that would be another addition to the list that makes these two teams similar...

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It doesn't matter that's the past they've gotten better.

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I think this Raptor team

I think this Raptor team will finish better than 7th, like the Bulls did last season.

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