I'm broken hearted..but he is staying until 2011. This sucks...

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Dang, I didn't check my text in time..

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david kahn

david kahn is making kevin mchale look good. you trade 2 quasi-proven players in foye and miller for 2+ years of sucking without any scorers. their wings are a joke in gomes, brewer, ellington and wilkins. their backup pg is chucky atkins since smooth move kahn decided to trade telfair. and on top of the looney telfair trade, he throws in craig smith who i thought really showed that he was a good undersized pf. and then he trades q to miami for mark blount. so basically he traded telfair and smith for blount. i know a lot of those trades were for monetary value, but seriously minnesota is going to easily be the worst team in the west. besides ellington, they have no perimeter shooters to spread the floor for jefferson and love.

the whole rubio deal is also a joke. everyone knows he wanted to play in a big market and i wouldn't be surprised if he tries to force a trade by threatening to stay in europe in 2011. and then ontop of that, you draft flynn right after and then say you want to play them both together. that's the real joke. how in the world can 2 top 10 picks pgs coexist in the same backcourt? who would bring the ball up? who would relegate themselves to the sg position (off ball)? both rubio's and flynn's biggest asset are penetrating and passing, which means they need the ball in their hands.

in summary, david kahn is crazy. he gets 4 1st round draft picks to make strong improvements to a bad team and comes out with johnny flynn and wayne ellington and protected 1st round pick. i couldn't imagine any good free agent wanting to play for this team. but at least, they can watch rubio do some fancy passing on youtube.

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is another horrible day to be a t-wolves fan. Foye and Miller for nothing. big al and love are in for a long season. At least flynn is good. But shit

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You will get something for

You will get something for Rubio...just not now.

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they couldve move down on the draft and pick derozan.
yeah they wont be goin anywhere with foye and miller, but atleast they have something.
giving up your player for nothing haha. xD

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