How many rookies.....?

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How many rookies.....?

How many rookies will avg 10+ points per game this season..I think this draft isn't so weak, every year there wis 5-8 10ppg rookies (without last season, 2008class is super deep) and i think this year also there will be at least five..

B.Griffin-no questions?
T.Evans-I think also no questions?
J.Flynn-he will play good minutes, and he know how to score
J.Harden-someone said that he could be even second best scorer in Oklahoma
S.CUrry-I don;t know how much he will play but even 20mpg would be enough
and there is also DeRozan who was amazing scorer at the end of last season, there is Hill in Mike's system, Jennings is a big questions, he could be like Bayless last year , but he also could be even 15ppg scorer for sure.

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Blake Griffin Tyreke

Blake Griffin
Tyreke Evans
Jonny Flynn
DeMar DeRozan
Stephen Curry (if he gets the minutes)
Brandon Jennings
James Harden
Ricky Rubio (he's gonna be a wolve this season, watch)
Maybe Terrance WIlliams and Gerald Henderson

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i doubt rubio would avg 10

i doubt rubio would avg 10 points as a rookie

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Rookie who will be leading

Rookie who will be leading in scorer will probably be James Harden or Tyreke Evans.

Harden can shoot anywhere and Evans is really good at penetrating and breaking the defense even though Evans will likely be an inefficient scorer.

Don't forget about James Johnson of the Bulls cuz my bro can shoot, can finish in traffic and he is possibly the best offensive big man in Chicago cuz Tyrus and Noah don't got much offense.

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Good post. I think that

Good post.

I think that this is an interesting draft class because a lot of guys are going to places where they're going to be given a chance to get significant playing time RIGHT AWAY. I think this is a result of most of the true stars gravitating towards the top 10-15 teams and the other 15-20 teams in the league really going towards: 1. salary cap space in 2010 and 2. youth movements

1. Blake Griffin~ his talent warrants his playing a lot right away- although the Clips are pretty deep with bigs, he'll probably put up like 14-6
2. Hasheem~ don't think so for 10ppg, but he should get time as Gasol's back-up and maybe a few minutes alongside his fellow center for a twin tower look.
3. James Harden~ could very well average 10 ppg, although I think he'll be a 6th man to start the year. He's an example of guy who got drafted by a team to fill a hole (at SG) that is stressing the youth movement
4. Evans~ definitely 10 ppg. Another guy brought in to fill a hole (PG) in a youth movement
5. Rubio~ even if he comes he'd probably put up more like 8ppg~ fills a void at PG, where the TWolves have... atkins?
6. Flynn ~ definitely 10ppg, This is my pick for ROY...
7. Curry~ 10 ppg especially if Monta gets traded... otherwise i donno, nelson hates playing rookies
8. Hill~ NY needs athletic bigs who can run so I'd say yes just based off Lee's success last year and Hills athleticism- fits a need on a young team
9. DeRozan~ I'm gonna say no. I think he's going to struggle.
10. Jennings~ yes, especially if sessions leaves
11. TWill~ i'm gonna say yes, although he'll probably be right around 10ppg with 5 reb 4 ass
12. Henderson~ i'm gonna say no until I hear where Iverson signs
13. Hansbrough~ as long as he gets the PT he'll put in 10 ppg easy
14. Clark~ I think he should be able to get 10 ppg just playing alongside Nash
Ellington is the only true SG likely to stay on the Wolves roster so he should get 10ppg easily. I also think Blair, Budinger (because of all their injuries) and Sam Young have a good chance at 10 ppg

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Someone who hasnt been said

Someone who hasnt been said yet..
Austin Daye.

Budinger, Ellington are sleepers to do it .

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DeJuan Blair

If we are talking about sleepers...

and guys I see my 5-8 pretendents is not so much, because most of you agree...then once again, is this really so weak?? I don't think so

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I see

I see Blair as a sleeper, but new additions Marcus Haislip and Antonio McDyess will definitly take some minutes away from him. McDyess has ressurrected his career averaging 10 and 10 last year with the Pistons, and Haislip has tons of athletic potential and has been playing in Europe after a failed first go around in the NBA as a late lottery pick in 02'. I think Blair will contrible, but with those two off season additions at his postion, he maybe a 7 point 5 rebound guy. There are only so many mintues at power forward to go around, and I think Blair is too slow to get any mintues at sf.

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Blake Griffin, Tyreke Evans,

Blake Griffin, Tyreke Evans, Brandon Jennings, Austin Daye, Earl Clark, Stephen Curry, James Harden, James Johnson and Wayne Ellington will all play enough minutes to get double figures in scoring this season as rookies.

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