Knicks 2010 Plans

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Knicks 2010 Plans

Everyone talks about the Knicks 2010 free agent signings, but who do you think they should keep for the future

First player to keep is obviously potential and freak athlete

Gallinari will obviously be there, hopefully he gets this year as opportunity to play alot and show his skillset

Hill- He will be there too, but I'm not sold on him as anything special

Nate- hope they don't have him in 2010 plans...hes fun to watch but to me is more of a gimmick and will take too many shots

Lee- I love his toughness but doubt he will be there in 2010....ecspecially if Hill shows promise...too much money to commit to him

Harrington- I actually hope they can keep him if the price is right....He would be a very good #2 option on a team with Wade if they can get him

I think its going to be very hard for the Knicks to sign a premier free agent (Wade, LBJ)...They may be able to get Bosh but who knows....The importance is to develop and keep the players that fit the team

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If they don't get Lebron,

If they don't get Lebron, they could be in for some major dissapointment. They don't have a playoff roster imo, and they are showing no long term commitment to two of their best players in Nate and Lee. They also traded away their first round pick, so winning the draft is not an option.

They pretty much put all their eggs into one basket, and there is no certainty that anyone even wants to go there.

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