what if the mavs land stephen jackson and monta ellis

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what if the mavs land stephen jackson and monta ellis

i heard don nelson is prepare to to talk trades with dallas about jackson. and he might be willingy to throw in ellis to give curry more playing time. personally i think if that does happen. dallas will become a threat in the west. but as far as contenders while i just dont see that yet. anyway nelson must be on crack. because i know curry is good. but to trade ellis is kinda crazy. hes still young and he was hurt last year. now trading jax i can understand. hes getting old and him being there is stuntin their growth.
and far as what deal can they reach, and i do think if jax is getting traded to dallas you might being see josh howard or jason terry packing their bags.

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Nice 1+

That would be nice, Dallas could probably get B Wright out of the deal instead of Ellis. Don would be crazy to let Monta go. But then look who we are talking bout, he let Baron Walk. Dallas could part with Terry and/or Howard, and G.S could slide Cory Maggette Down to the 3, start Howard or Terry at the 2 with curry at the one.

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who does dallas have to

who does dallas have to offer the warriors....sjaxson isnt goin anywhere hes too much of mismatch

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i read G State wants

i read G State wants expiring contracts...that would be Howard, and Barea. I think if Dallas got S Jack, that would solidify their 2 guard position and make them very dangerous

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Good Idea

I think it's a good idea for both teams to explore. The two guys that Golden State really needs to get rid of are Maggette and Jackson, which would help get the young guys more playing time and free up some cap space. The Mavs are obviously going for the win now approach. Even though I'm not sure about GS getting rid of Ellis. If they are sold on Curry, then those two may be too much alike to be on court at the same time. Jackson gives the Mavs a shooter and defender. I think Dallas is probably willing to give up quite a few guys and that includes Howard and Terry. Dampier an expiring deal as well if he doesn't reach a certain amount of minutes per game for the year. If Dallas can get Ellis and Jackson without giving up too much, they are definitely a serious contender.

I wouldn't look too much in GS letting Baron go. The guy is injury prone and missed a ton of time last year anyways, plus he is easily one of the most overrated players in the league. He is not much of a defender and always shoots a low percentage and tends to have high turnover rates.

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