anybody up for a three way trade


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i would be up for it.

i would be up for it.

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But I have noticed a scoring setting that should be changed.

Under the offense setting, you have Return Touchdowns.

I think it would be better to set the Return Touchdowns being available on the Defense/Special Teams category for 6 points and not available under the offensive setting.

My reasoning is that there are many players that are just returners and nothing else in the NFL. Or these returners are defensive players and we don't have the option of picking these guys up. Thus alot of points are going to waste.

Feel free to give me your spin.

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If or when Chicago uses its

If or when Chicago uses its amnesty provision on Boozer, Gibson would be an ideal candidate to start for the Bulls, and for quite a bit less money than Boozer is currently making.jhgfhrbsfs

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''We didn't execute as well

''We didn't execute as well as we should as a whole,'' said Bryant, who hit 9 of 11 shots in the third quarter. ''Hopefully we can get Dwight out there at some point and play together. The more we do that, the better we're going to be down the road. But in practice, we play quite a bit together. That's the most important thing for us, just to get out and play together.''

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There’s another question,

There’s another question, however, that would seem to overshadow the others: Is James Harden truly a maximum contract type of player? That, after all, is the reason he was traded. The Thunder did not believe him to be a max player, while the Houston Rockets, with less to lose, were willing to make that kind of commitment.

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Feel free to give me your

Feel free to give me your spin.

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