Pick the Player

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Pick the Player

In the end of some of these guys careers who do you think will be the best? I know it's way too early to tell for some of them, but what do you think?

Iguodala - Marion
Wade - LeBron
Yao - Duncan
T. Parker - J. Nelson
Beasley - Mayo
Harrington - Kaman

I say:
Parker (Only because of rings)
Harrington (Protege might help :p)

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I think i better paring

I think i better paring would be duncan kg, even though i consider duncan a center, he guards all the other teams centers takes the jump balls, and other team centers guard him so i dont consider him a pf, only when robinson was playing their

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Iguodala- I think Marion

Iguodala- I think Marion was a little bit a product of the Phoenix system and I think Iguodala is very good and if his team was a little better he would be a allstar almoost every year.

Wade- This one was a close one but I think Wade will have more championships and I just think he is better than Lebron right now.

Duncan- This is not even close Duncan is one of the top 10 players ever.

Parker- I think he will win more rings but I think they are about the same in talent.

Mayo- I think he will be a 2'' shorter Kobe and I thiink he will have a way better career than Beasley.

Harrington- Neither of them are very good but I think he is better than Kaman.

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Iguodala - Iguodala is

Iguodala - Iguodala is already the Franchise pLayer of player of the sixers
LeBron - Obviously...
Duncan - Already the best PF ever
Parker - 1 Final Mvp, 2 rings and an all-star
Harrington - LOL

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Iguodala - Iguodala is a

Iguodala - Iguodala is a stud

Wade - everybody already knows im a Wade fanatic...

Duncan - 4 rings,,,,,need i say more?

T. Parker - see above

Mayo - Beasleys lost it..
Harrington - Harrington is no star, but hes underrated

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Are u guys kidding or do you

Are u guys kidding or do you honestly thing Wade is a better all time player then LBJ...hah i love Wade and don't like Lebron very much bet anyone who knows bball answers that quesiton easily James

hah also Kaman or Harrington...couldnt u have picked two better ppl then that...but gotta give Harrington the nod...he hasnt been an attitude problem at all since joining Knicks

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Stats, ring, mvp of championship.

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So far Wade does have him

So far Wade does have him beat in terms of championships but I'm not sure how you can say Wade has James in stats. Over their 6 year careers James has put up identical assist and steal numbers with Wade (6.7 and 1.8), more points (27.5 to 25.2) and more rebounds (7.0 to 4.9).

Also keep in mind that Lebron is three years younger than Wade and has proven to be more durable at this point in their careers it's hard to see him take a back seat to Wade when all is said and done.

Perhaps if James never wins a single championship Wade will be considered the superior player but honestly I don't see that happening. The guy has been a top 3 player in the league for years and he's only 24. Jordan and O'Neal didn't start reeling off championships until they were 28.

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Iggy Wade Duncan Parker Mayo


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Iguodala - Marion- 'd go

Iguodala - Marion- 'd go Iguodala here of course, he's a better all-around player and Marion was the product of the run-n gun the Suns used. He hasnt been as effective since leaving.

Wade - LeBron- I'd go Lebron here. He's more dominate, but Wade is a top 3 player in the L easy. Lebron is just a super duper special player.

Yao - Duncan- I'd go Duncan here. He plays tougher and he makes more plays. Also more of a winner than Yao is.

T. Parker - J. Nelson- Tony Parker, the only thing Nelson does better is shoot 3's. Nelson is the most overrated player in the NBA today in my opinion.

Beasley - Mayo- Mayo, he is a true combo guard and he is a hard worker with hardly any weaknesses to his game (outside of his average 1st step). Beasley is a Kstate guy, but he is stuck between positions and isnt as good a rebounder as I thought, making him exclusively a scorer.

Harrington - Kaman- Kaman. He is a good player and I think he's a sleeper for an all-star berth. Harrington is talented but there's a reason he never finds a long term home (defense and poor shot selection).

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Iguodala - Marion? Ummmmm.

Iguodala - Marion? Ummmmm. Prime Marion? I would take a prime Marion beause of the PF-like rebounding capabilities he had to go along with his guard like style of play, but as of now Igoudala hands down
Wade - LeBron? LeBron is a one of a kind player,ive never seen anyone like him, he has a chance to be the greatest
Yao - Duncan? Tough one, I'd give Duncan the nod because of his D, and leadership
T. Parker - J. Nelson? Parker hand down
Beasley - Mayo? Mayo has no holes in his game, while Beasley has some problems, they will both be very good in the future
Harrington - Kaman? Ummmmm. Kaman

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