Patrick Beverly

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Patrick Beverly

I just read that Patrick Beverly has signed a deal to play in Greece. The Heat still have his rights though, and could be back in the NBA next season. I think he could be a valuable back up point guard in the league and I think he could have starting potential down the line. He is very quick and athletic and a pretty good defender and he has a lot of experience already playing in the SEC and overseas already at age 21.

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Im a big Pat Beverley guy. I

Im a big Pat Beverley guy. I really like his game, and I was a fan of his when he play at Arkansas. He is a good offensive player and he wouldve provided a scoring punch off the bench for the Heat and he wouldve been a pesky defender with his length (although he isnt very strong) but he wouldnt have looked good running the offense because he isnt quite a PG, which Im assuming is why he is going to Greece, to develop his PG skills. But I really like Beverley.

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I was really hoping he would stay, but I guess it's his choice.

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