whos better?

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whos better?

who do you think will be a better player next season Al Thornton or Thaddeus Young. they have similar games and put up similar numbers last season, and who do you think will be better long term. Do you think either will ever be an allstar?

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I think Young is leaps and bounds ahead of Thornton as far as all around game goes, plus he is younger. I think he would really benefit by getting to play more at the sf position, even though he has done well at the 4. That way he could get the time to develop more ball handling skills and become a better shooter. If he ever makes an all star team, he probably will not make anymore than one. I see him potentially being a very good role player, maybe a number 2 guy on a team, which would be great for Philadelphia if they could ever get a true number one and some shooters.

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Young has a more polished game and is in a better system. Clippers have more guys that demand the ball along with young guys like Blake and Gordon who are considered bigger pieces for their future.

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Thaddeus Young also did prove himself in the playoffs against the Magic he has some promise

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Its pretty close but...

I'd go with Thaddeus Young. Neither one has a very polished game, and both need to improve their handles, jump shots and basketball IQ's but Young is better at each of those areas plus he can play the post and he is the better defender giving him more versatlity and areas of strength. Thornton is a better passer and perimeter scorer, but Young has him (albeit slightly) in every other area.

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Young is overall better and

Young is overall better and younger but Thorton is pretty nice himself but this past year the clipper's were really terrible and he did not have as many break out games.

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