Do you think it's Spike Lee's fault?LOL

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Do you think it's Spike Lee's fault?LOL

Knick fans are awesome... Even when their team is doing pretty bad, they'd still come out and support their New York Knicks... The Knicks have been looking for a franchise "savior" since Patrick Ewing and this 2010 NBA Draft, they won't get it since their first round pick is going to Utah... So, no more John Wall-Derrick Favors bonanza for this team but hey, they are making a shot at the golden class of 2010 Free Agents...Anyway, enough of the malarkey since I'll be talking about the Knicks on Fizer's take very soon.

Star players have had their comings in the mecca of basketball, the Madison Square Garden... I just recently watched a replay on Real NBA about the Madison Square Garden Dream Week... You know... Last season's drama where the Knicks played host to the Lakers, Cavaliers and Celtics... All of them embarassed the Knicks... But does it have to do with Spike Lee? I mean, the guy is probably the biggest of the biggest fan of the Knicks but his trash-talking probably made the opponents' stars wake up from it. Prime example of that would be of course, Reggie Miller...

The way he performed in the 1994 NBA Playoffs where he scored 25 4th Quarter points... It was because Spike Lee talked trash to Reggie... When he hit that 3 from the center arc, he gave Spike a staredown that I can't erase from my head... That was simply awesome...

Back to the Real NBA, when Kobe erupted for 61 points... The highest points from any opposing player playing at the MSG... He talked with Spike after the game, made some laughter and had some ridicules... Although, Kobe joked about it, but in my mind, I guess it's a factor on why the Knicks get blown away... Kobe said something like this talking to Spike, "When Reggie Miller bursted out, it's your fault... MJ's 55, your fault... The 61 points that I had, your fault..." and they laughed it out... I guess my take on this is, Spike Lee could be one of the major factors why the opponents' star players burst onto the scene... The LBJ near triple double was fantastic and his 50 point eruption the year before was sensational... But the BIG and MAIN reason why these guys do well was of course, nothing beats better than playing in the Madison Square Garden...

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Good one. It's not Spikes fault. Well not completely. He just happens to be at all the games and sits front row. He's vocal, but not even the most vocal Knicks fan there. He may add a little extra motivation, especially back in the MJ and Reggie days because back then he was a really big time Hollywood guy. I know he used to do a lot of commercials with MJ, so maybe that made MJ want to embarrass him more so he could talk trash to him the next time that they hung out.

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